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Cafe Mugiwara

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Cafe Mugiwara
The one and only ONE PIECE library cafe in the world, "Cafe Mugiwara". You can relax and enjoy a meal while reading books in the cafe where more than 600 books related to ONE PIECE from the world have been collected.

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Recommended Menu
Family pizza class

Cafe Mugiwara according to the below tower one piece children free DAY, held family pizza Department!

Family pizza classroom is the school tells you how to make a professional pizza maker provided by Cafe Mugiwara popular pizza.
Hand made pizzas baked in a stone stove is just amazing!

Of course arrange pizza is served and also offers snacks and drinks!
Please participate in a family!

Date:7January 28, (Saturday) / 8/25 (Saturday) / 11/24 (Saturday) / 12/29 (Saturday).

Payment and credit advance payment only.

Opening hours・others
10: 00-22:00
* Opening hours may change depending on the day.

☆ free Wi-Fi available.

Free Wi-Fi

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4-2-8 Shiba Park, Minato-ku, Tokyo