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Recruitment Information

Application Requirements

Tokyo one piece Tower, Tokyo one piece Tower and put up assorted crew (part-time) are seeking.
Those who love ONE PIECE, love entertaiment, or love hospitality service, please apply!

Job applicants

Type of Employment Part-time job
Company Name Amusequest co., Ltd.
Job Openings (1) Park management
(2) Park of vending and food services
Business Contents To single ONE PIECE official theme park Tokyo one piece Tower in the world.
Please see below for more business.

Application Requirements
  • ★ Please those with qualifications below apply to this job
  • (1) Park management
  • -Have experience of customer service experience in theme parks and amusement centers, concert halls, etc.
  • (2) Park product sales
  • -Experiences in sales and cashier at shops are highly regarded.

Of * foreign tourists come anyone fluent in languages such as English, Chinese, tend the garden theme, so wait.

Salary 960 yen per hour-weekends and holidays is 1,010 yen-(after 22 o'clock midnight hourly rate)
  • ★ transportation expenses total amount paid (the root of our designated by)
  • ★ firmly validates the hard work! Raise and
  • ★ language contribution allowances and time contribution allowance due to working hours
  • ★ social insurance
  • ★ staff recruitment and
  • ★ paid vacation and
  • ★ uniform rental
Working Hours
  • 8: 30-22: 30
  • ★ within these time shifts.
  • ★ week 1-shift talk OK, can be full time 5 days a week
  • Shift examples
  • -8:30 - 14:30,-17: 15.
  • -9:00 - 17:15
  • -11:30 - 21:30
  • -14:15 - 22:15
  • -17:00 - 22:15 (store management crew are up to 22:30)
Place of Work 4-2-8 Tokyo Tower foot Town Park, Shiba Minato-ku, Tokyo
Tokyo one piece Tower

Part-time Staff Recruitment

By e-mail and mail your application work crew.
Please apply with whichever is your choice.

Inquire by email

Matters to be stated Name, student of the date, phone number, email address, current employment
(Students, part-time workers, part-time, employees and others)
Destination Email address below, please apply matters before filling.
"Tokyo One Piece Tower" Part-Time Job Human Resources
Screening Schedule (1) within 3 days interviewing, emailing
(2) interview
(3) after the interview within a week pass/fail notification sent by mail
Notes * During the interview, have dedicated to fill out will be. Received information will be used only for this recruitment. Not be provided to third parties, or used for any other purpose without your consent.

Apply by mail

Required Documents Please send it to the address below enclosing a resume (with photo)/job history (those with working experience) enclosed.
* Resume, dates of availability always please.
Address 〒105-0011 Tokyo, Minato-ku, Shiba Park 4-2-8
Amusequest Tokyo Tower Limited Liability Partnership
"Tokyo One Piece Tower" Part-Time Job Human Resources
Screening Schedule We will contact those who passed the documents screening a week after application.
Notes * Application documents will only be used for this recruitment screening, and we will not use it for other purposes without consent or give away to a third party.
* We do not return application documents, so please be noted beforehand.
Inquiries 03-5777-5308(10:00-22:00)

* We do not accept any inquiries regarding passing status.

* We will not use private information for any other purpose than this application