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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Amusequest Tokyo Tower limited liability partnership (hereinafter the Association), laws concerning protection of personal information appropriately handling personal information and comply with the laws and regulations in light of the importance of your personal information, acquisition, management and the Association based on the following principles, we will strive to protect personal information.

1.acquisition of personal information
Our Union's customers ' personal information (hereinafter simply referred to "personal information". ) Of getting advance specifying purposes, by lawful and fair means.
2.use of personal information
Personal information maintained by the Association are available within the scope of the services provided by this Association. Also may outsource part of its operations to smoothly work Association, entrusted the extent necessary to provide personal information in this case, the Association has among these contractors as well as the conclusion of a contract regarding the handling, proper supervision.
3. provision to third parties of personal information
The Association is personal information protection act will not be provided to third parties if permitted by the laws and regulations of any other justifiable reason unless you have personal information prior to consent without getting.
4. management of personal information
Appropriate security measures for Association has keep accurate and up-to-date personal information to the extent necessary for the purpose, with illegal access and computer viruses, and the necessary and sufficient security measures against leakage of personal information, loss, destruction, tampering, etc.. Also, ensure the internal education on proper handling of customers ' personal information.
5.disclosure of personal information, correction, suspension of use and deletion concerning
When disclosure of personal information about the applicant, correction, suspension of use and deletion of the desired has been made from your personal information held by the Association the Association is based on prescribed procedures, and we will respond promptly.
Subject Guide, etc. which may be beneficial to our customers, our Union is within the range of the services provided by our partner in our society or our partner companies products or services sent to the customer by post or e-mail, etc. or send. If you do not wish to take the Association request, and send these will stop immediately.
Customers who wish to unsubscribe and post or e-mail inquiries about holding our Union-management and other personal information is available in the following ways. Please note that you may not respond to requests for disclosure, without this information.

(1) how to contact us / contact

We confirmed that upon your request for disclosure of the applicant or its representative. Your request for disclosure, please contact us below.

Contact form

(2)confirmation of identity

In the inquiry from the customer to be sure to have your driver's license, passport, health will be confirmed by proof of insurance insured card and certificate of seal impression verification, Association register information callback for the Association registration number, name, address, telephone number and PIN and giro account number, credit card number, etc., etc..
6.personal information on other sites
Our Union is not held responsible for the protection of personal information in other websites linked to the website of the Association.
7.cookie information
You may use the cookies to their customers visited the site of the Association more convenient to receive.
The cookies recognize your PC during this visit that site again, providing more convenient services will receive.

1. features of the cookie

Cookies are small amounts of information for the efficient operation of the Internet Web server sends to your browser, and may also be stored as a file on your disk.
using cookies and Web Server customers record which pages you visited, etc..。
personal identification is not possible until computer customers through the use of cookies to identify the customer enters personal information on our website.
(does not contain any information in cookies themselves get personally identify)
Also included is information that can identify individual customers it may publish aggregated information statistically processed information obtained through the use of cookies.。

2.purpose of use of cookies

You do not use cookies for other purposes, as the Association use cookies can serve in a better service improving, seeking out for a pleasant environment Association site for that.
By third-party advertising Association are presented to various sites on the Internet.
Using the third-party cookies, and delivers ads based on the information to our partner sites visited in the past.

3.cookie denial (opt-out)

Cookies are easy to reject (opt-out).
Can be associated for specific information by using the "opt-out" on your browser to prevent that.
Without other cookie associated with the browser you use this to delete or modify our advertising delivery for cookies that can later opt to.

In the case of unwanted cookies from the Association, various browser settings please refuse cookies.