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The popular live show "MARIONETTE" will welcome the new cast and start on Wednesday, March 18!

In response to the response of many people, "ONE PIECE LIVE ATTRACTION "MARIONETTE" will continue!
Please look forward to the new "MARIONETTE" that new cast members are unfolding!
* Please wait for the next report on the sales start date of advance tickets.


Aoi Monkey D. Luffy (CV: Mayumi Tanaka) Ann (CV: Saori Hayami)
Kensuke Nakajima / Ryan Vincent Mizuno Kana Kojima / Satoshi Mato

Loronoa Zorro (CV: Kazuya Nakai) Sabo (CV: Toru Furuya)
Takumi Nagatsuka / Ryo Yamamoto Hiroki Shimizu / Takamichi Sato

Nami Tsuji (CV: Akimi Okamura) Caesar Crown (CV: Takayoshi Nakao)
Arai Leila / Full Moon Airi Mori Taisei / Sakashita Takuro

Usopp (CV: Katsuhei Yamaguchi) Charlotte Cracker (CV: Takuya Tsujimoto)
Yoshiyoshi Tsujimura / Toshiki Shibata Shinpei Fujita / Ken Tabuchi

Sanji Tsuji (CV: Hiroaki Hirata) Vinsmoke Reige (CV: Michiko Netani)
Keisuke Chika / Yuta Kobayashi Misaki Kimura

Tony Tony Chopper (CV: Ikue Otani)


A live entertainment show in which Luffy and others take a powerful action in front of their eyes, making full use of projection mapping and lighting technology.

The biggest pinch in the history of the series comes to Luffy by the manipulation poison gas that the evil scientist Caesar developed!
In addition to the Straw Hat Pirates, the intense battle scene where the Revolutionary Army's Sabo and another enemy, Charlotte Cracker, are intricately mixed, is a moment to keep an eye on!
What was Luffy's decision when he had a friend who was manipulated? ...
"One Piece" entertainment that you can enjoy the whole body is here!

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