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Live show Vol.3
4/29, it BEGINS!!
under the supervision of Eiichiro Oda!!
Eiichiro Oda xGReeeeN

On April 29th, an interactive live show, ONE PIECE LIVE ATTRACTION will start with editorial supervision by Eiichiro Oda – the author of ONE PIECE!

In the new episode, ONE PIECE LIVE ATTRACTION III, Phantom, Sabo, Hancock, Bon Clay, Dracule Mihawk will confront the Straw Hat Crew!? And THAT pirate also will show up!?

In addition to the story fully supervised by Eiichiro Oda, a new character he created for this particular episode is Ann, the Diva.

Settings paintings ODA Eiichiro autographed Diva Ann
Diva Ann setting screen
© Eiichiro ODA / SHUEISHA Inc.

And the songs sung by the Diva with her beautiful voice and opening music, 4-ever Dawn!!!! are written by GReeeeN!
Be sure to see Ann, the Diva who sings GReeeeN’s songs with her heavenly voice, dressed in the costume that represents GReeeeN’s trademark color!
(c) High Speed Boyz inc. all right reserved.

  • Monkey.D.Luffy (VOICED by: Mayumi Tanaka)
    Shuto Seki / Naoya Serizawa

    Roronoa Zoro (CV: Kazuya Nakai)
    Dai Isono / Reiki Nakajima

    Nami (VOICED by: Akemi Okamura)
    Maika Hiura / Yuika hiura / Yuko Ozaki

    Usopp (VOICED by: Kappei Yamaguchi)
    Yuki Kanno / Yoshihito Ichinose

    Sanji (VOICED by: Hiroaki Hirata)
    Ryosuke Iwasaki /Taiga

    Tony Tony Chopper (VOICED by: Ikue Otani)

    Nico Robin (VOICED by: Yuriko Yamaguchi)
    Rio Taniguchi * video

    Franky (VOICED by: Kazuki Yao)
    Kaigo Omi * video

    Brook (VOICED by: Cho)
    Hiroaki Harumoto * video
  • Ann(VOICED by: Saori Hayami)
    Runa Kojima/Rii Tachibana

    Buggy(VOICED by: Shigeru Chiba)
    Akihide Kaneda/Takenori Yushi

    Portgas.D.Ace (VOICED by: Toshio Furukawa)
    Kou Oikawa / Minoru Tanaka

    Bon. Clay (VOICED by: Kazuki Yao)
    Shota Asakura * video

    Boa. Hancock (VOICED by: Kotono Mitsuishi)
    Saya Hatai * video

    Trafalgar. Law (VOICED by: Hiroshi Kamiya)
    Nobuaki Nishimura * video

    Dracule Mihawk(VOICED by: Hirohiko Kakegawa)
    Zenitsu Hashimoto * video

    Sabo (VOICED by: Toru Furuya)
    Hidemitsu Miyamoto * video

    DJ Parrot (VOICED by: MC RYU)
  • Original / Supervision
    Eiichiro Oda (Weekly Shōnen Jump, SHUEISHA)

    Opening and Ending Song

    Worry Kinoshita

  • Composition & Screenplay
    Yusuke Hori / Oropa Irie

    Shunsuke Wada


    Tomita Masanori


    Yuki Sugedachi (balance, inc. LIGHTING)

    Yusuke Oki

    Naho Oshika

    Technical Direction
    Yuji Sekiguchi (balance, inc. DESIGN)
  • Costume
    MAKINO iwao Junko / Natsumi Kobayashi

    Hair and Makeup
    Keikou Hyou / Yoshiko Matsushita

    Assistant Director
    Takeshi Aida / Kyoko Kishi

    Director Assistant
    Masami Ito

    Stage Manager
    Yoshiyuki Hori


    Control Program

    Stage Sets

    Atelier Chaos

    LED Items

    Studio Nova

    Toei Animation

    Production Cooperation

    Nelke Planning
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-For the additional performances (from 4:00 p.m. weekdays) till the middle of May, we only accept day tickets. Please note beforehand. As for the advance tickets, we will announce the details on our official website and other medias when the decision has been made.
-This is the scheduled calendar for the show, so please check the actual performance time at the park on the day.
-The schedule may change or the show may suspend with our prior notice. Please note beforehand.
We cannot answer any inquires regarding casts. Please note beforehand. Thank you for your understanding.


To see the show, you will need the admission ticket to Tokyo One Piece Tower and the time-specified ticket for the live show.
We recommend you to purchase advance ticket for LIVE & PARK PASS.

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