Live show introduction

"Ghost" deceives Straw Hat Pirates!!??

Supervision by Eiichiro Oda!! The entertainment vol.3

Live show Vol.3

The third volume of the popular entertainment show, ONE PIECE LIVE ATTRACTION 3 "PHANTOM!!
You must not miss thrilling actions by Straw Hat Pirates using projection mapping and lighting technology!!
The story and the stage is completely original supervised by the author, Eiichiro Oda and original characters such as “Diva Ann” designed by him!
Also, the opening and the ending numbers of the show are produced by the popular artists, GReeeeN!
You can't take your eyes off this stage! A touching story that surpasses past episodes!!

What's awesome about LIVE ATTRACTION "3"!!

The greatest collaboration at Tokyo One Piece Tower!!
Eiichiro Oda x GReeeeN
Eiichiro Oda x GReeeeN

The beautiful miracle of collaboration between the two!!
GReeeeN has produced music for the 3rd episode of entertainment show, ONE PIECE LIVE ATTRACTION "3" PHANTOM!!
Not one, but two songs!
As the opening number of this stage, they've written a powerful song called "4ever Bang!!!!" to bring you to the peak from the start!
And the song "Diva Ann" sings during the show, "PHANTOM -Promise-"
is also a song that you can only listen to at Tokyo One Piece Tower!
Both ONE PIECE fans and GReeeeN fans, do not miss this miracle collaboration!!

GReeeeN comments

GReeeeN says...

It is truly an honor. GReeeeN came to learned from ONE PIECE to say not much. Great breasts excited while this song was sang the words big sound, consciously. Go to the end of the dream. In search of everything in the world! Visit to Tokyo one piece Tower from 4/29 to power first of all, have fun! Dreams come true! Get the voyage to fulfill!-!-!

GReeeeN comments ODA Eiichiro teacher comments

What's awesome about LIVE ATTRACTION "3"!!

Beautiful original characters designed by Eiichio Oda!!

Drunk with the voice of Saori Hayami

Diva Ann

Diva Ann

In addition to the story fully supervised by Eiichiro Oda, a new character he created for this particular episode is Anne, the Diva.
She has the ability from Bijo-Bijo Fruit.
She can create what she touches as a mirage or illusions.
She is voiced by the popular voice actress, Saori Hayami. Listen to her beautiful singing voice!

Great personality to turn up the show

Parrot DJ

DJ Parrot

The "Parrot DJ" at the stage of this story, Live Music Club TONGARI is voiced by MC RYU!!
Eiichiro Oda enthusiastically offered him this part!!

Bounty of 200 million Berrys!!



Another highlight of this stage is the battle scenes using effects such as flames and lighting of Puggy!!
Eiichiro Oda and GReeeeN put him the bounty of 200 million Berries! An enemy strong enough to match Zoro and Sanji!

Live no. 3 series schedule Live no. 3 series schedule

-This is a calendar for the show and photo greeting, so please check the actual time at the park.
-The show schedule may change or the show may be canceled without prior notice. Please note beforehand.
-We cannot answer any inquiries regarding casts. Please note beforehand.
-Participation ticket is required for the photo greeting. Check below for further details.

  • Original / Supervision
    Eiichiro Oda (Weekly Shōnen Jump, SHUEISHA)

    Opening and Ending Song

    Worry Kinoshita

  • Composition & Screenplay
    Yusuke Hori / Oropa Irie

    Shunsuke Wada


    Tomita Masanori


    Yuki Sugedachi (balance, inc. LIGHTING)

    Yusuke Oki

    Naho Oshika

    Technical Direction
    Yuji Sekiguchi (balance, inc. DESIGN)
  • Costume
    MAKINO iwao Junko / Natsumi Kobayashi

    Hair and Makeup
    Keikou Hyou / Yoshiko Matsushita

    Assistant Director
    Takeshi Aida / Kyoko Kishi

    Director Assistant
    Masami Ito

    Stage Manager
    Yoshiyuki Hori


    Control Program
  • Stage Sets

    Atelier Chaos

    LED Items

    Studio Nova

    Toei Animation

    Production Cooperation

    Nelke Planning