• One piece Easter 2018
  • One piece Easter 2018
  • Family pizza class
  • Shore Island monthly stickers rally crew selection

List of events

  • Special Exhibition "Log Gallery"

    Season 4 "Rival": 4/21/2018 (Saturday)-

    In the past seasons' special exhibition "Log Gallery," original illustrations for each theme were displayed. Now it's in Season 4!
    This time's theme is "Rival"! The famous scenes of the past rivals will come back to life!
    Also, rivals that the past editors of ONE PIECE picked are displayed!

  • TONGARI Workshop/Mini Attraction

    2018April 21,2018-

    On the 4th floor, fun events like workshops and mini attractions are held!
    You can get original stickers and limited prizes!


    2018March 21 (Wednesday)-

    2018ONE PIECE EASTER2018 begins on March 21 (Wednesday)!!

  • WINTER ONE PIECE 2017・2018 *This event is closed.

    201711/23/2018 (Thursday/holiday)-2/28/2018 (Wednesday)

    The special exhibition “Log Gallery” to celebrate the 20th anniversary of ONE PIECE series is now in Season 3! The theme of Season 3 is “Tears.” Also, the popular attraction “ONE PIECE GRAND CRUISE TRIAL ZONE” where you can experience “ONE PIECE GRAND CRUISE” (PlayStation® VR) before its release has reopened on December 8th after a big renovation!

  • TONGARI SCOOP -Let's get Sanji's secret photos!0 *This event has closed.

    201711/3/2017 (Friday)-3/31/2018 (Saturday)

    It's your chance to get the scoop of Sanji's secret visit at Tongari Island!
    By using "testimonies" scattered all around the park, find where the Scoop is!
    If you perfectly get a scoop, you will received a "Scoop Image Card" (not for resale) that you can only get here!

  • Tongari Island New Special TONGARI Sticker Rally

    201711/1/2017 (Wednesday)-

    Complete three missions on the "Directive"!
    Complete all the missions, collect stickers, and you will get a TONGARI Badge (can badge)!
    It's time to go! Complete the mission!


    20177/22/2017 (Saturday)-4/15/2018 (Sunday)

    We are holding a pre-experience event of “ONE PIECE GRAND CRUISE” (PlayStation®VR! Not only can you play it before anyone else, but also you can enjoy a special version that allows cooperative play of 8 people simultaneously. Let's enjoy the immersive pirate experience with 360 degrees in view with PS VR!

  • Straw Hat Crew Photo Greeting

    2017 May 1st (Tuesday)-

    Straw Hat Crew will appear in front of the photo booth on the 5th floor!
    Don't miss the opportunity to take a picture with them!

  • Family pizza class

    7Last Saturday of the month August 11 / 12-(children free DAY)

    Mugiwara Cafe, in addition to the one piece Tower kids free DAY, occasionally running a kids pizza class! Kids pizza classroom is the school tells you how to make a professional pizza maker provided by Cafe Mugiwara popular pizza.
    Burnt using the stone oven pizzas are exactly what book, case and a! Arrange pizza is of course enjoy the pizza and friendly staff of appetizers and drinks we offer!

  • Bepo birthday commemorative photo greeting * this event is now closed.

    201711 / 20 day

    Law & Bepo will appear in front of the photo booth on the 5th floor!
    Don't miss the opportunity to take a picture with them!