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About One Piece Tower

Q. What kinds of facilities are there?

Tokyo one piece Tower is the "straw hat" (one piece characters) there are shops you can buy themed restaurants, attractions and merchandise.

Q. Can we enjoy without knowing ONE PIECE?

Of course, you can enjoy it!

Q. Until when is it held?

2015On March 13, was opened. Park is not time-limited, has become a permanent institution.

Things to note

Q. Shoot video with video cameras and photography in the Park, and also good?

In some of the attractions we refrain is possible to shoot basically.

Q. Can we smoke inside the park?

Does not have a smoking area within the Park. Please use the smoking area located outside the Park (outdoor foot town Bill), but I'm afraid.

Q. You can bring in food and beverages in the Park?

We ask you to refrain from bringing in food and beverages into the park. However, you can bring in a canteen. (Bottled drinks are prohibited as well.)

Q. Is there a cloakroom?

The cloak is not available. I think rocker offers at the 3rd floor entrance, so if your there.

Q. Where is the washroom?

We have washrooms on the fourth and fifth floor in the park.

Q. Do not use within the Park are there?

For safety's sake, one leg and cannot be taken using the stick, tripod and my POV.

Q. Is there anything brought to the Park?

We ask you not to bring in food and beverages such as packed lunch, dangerous objects, bullhorns, transceivers, flags, armbands (Please ask beforehand if you want to use it for a guide), whistles, and pets such as cats and dogs except for support dogs (seeing-eye dogs, service dogs, hearing dogs).

Q. Is it possible to drink in the Park?

We ask you to refrain from bringing in alcoholic beverages. Also, we do not offer alcoholic beverages inside the park. We offer them in the restaurant and café (in the evening) on the first floor.

Q. Clothing and footwear regulations?

Segment within the park for safety reasons we refuse using roller shoes.
Also, the dress be deemed contrary to public order and morals, or offend other guests and dress with the impact of crime on we refrain.

About park hours

Q. What time does Park is open?

Base, Park morning from 10 at night until 10 pm is. In addition, vary depending on the season. You will be notified by the official site.

Q. Until when can we enter the park?

Last admission is 21:00. It might change according to the season.

Q. The Park closed, are closed?

There is basically no. However, there may be closed facilities maintenance note please. You will be notified by the official site.

Q. Please tell me the time of the show.

Please visit the official site. However, because it will not only be about the vesting schedule for the day, call or check directly at the Park.

Q. Since what time is the day ticket sold?

10:00 opening and at the same time in the morning will be on sale. There is a possibility depending on traffic conditions, take your time ago purchasing. Please be forewarned.

Q. Starting at midnight, waiting for that?

You can't wait in a foot in from the night.
Also waiting in the outdoor grounds of the foot comes to Tokyo Tower rules and guidance we follow.
Can access to foot outdoor premises in environment or if you do not enter and exit on the outdoor grounds not recommending safety at night and near the toilet, such as not from the late-night standby acts.
Responsibility responsibility park outside the Park foot outdoor premises, accidents and trouble.
On the based on the above, please come at your own discretion.

Access to the Park, parking

Q. Do you have a parking area?

We will use the Tokyo Tower parking lot. Opening hours and prices, please see Tokyo Tower official website.

Q. Do you get any discounts for the parking area?

There will be no discount for using the parking area.

Q. Where is the nearest station?

5 minute walk from Toei Oedo Line "Akabanebashi station", AKABANE bridge exit.
7 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Hibiya line Kamiya-Cho station No.2 exit
6 minute walk from Toei Mita line "Onarimon Station", A1 exit
10 minute walk from Toei Asakusa line "Daimon" Station, A6 exit
15 minute walk from JR "Hamamatsu-Cho" Station, North exit
Are the nearest stations for each line.

About ticket and its price

Where can I purchace a ticket?

There are a day ticket and an advance ticket.
*You can purchase a day ticket at the One Piece Tower third- floor entrance
*Advance tickets are on sale at any Seven Elevens in Japan and T-Ticket.

Q. Can I check the sales status of the day ticket?

Please contact the park directly.
Contact: 03-5777-5308

Q. From what age are we required with a ticket?

From four years old. (It's free for children under 3 years old accompanied by parents or guardians.)

Q. Is there an admission ticket?

"LIVE & PARK PASS" (admission + attractions available + live show appreciation) and becomes a PARK PASS (admission + attractions available)-only 2 categories.

Q. Are there any discounts for the people with special needs?

Sorry, we do not have any discounts for people with special needs.

Q. Why not have persons with disabilities discount?

Become available just like disabled passengers than to the public park.

Q. Is it possible to go to Tokyo Tower Obseratory with the Tokyo One Piece Tower ticket?

I am sorry, but Park tickets are not allowed to the Tokyo Tower.
Since we launched the ticket with Park tickets and Tokyo Tower main deck tickets available.

Q. Can I cancel and have a refund for a ticket I bought?

Once you've purchased tickets for cancelling, refunding is not.

Q. Tickets expire?

The day ticket is valid only on that day and advance ticket is valid only on the reserved day.
In a valid PARK PASS advance tickets for the specified use becomes possible.

Q. If the ticket expired, can I change the ticket?

We are very sorry, but we cannot respond to that.

Q. Can you change the dates or get refund for the advanced ticket?

We are very sorry, but we cannot respond to that.

Q. The exchange of advanced One-day Pass can be done only on that assigned day? Can I exchange it beforehand?

Only on that assigned day.

Q. If I purchased an advance ticket, can I enter the park without lining up?

We need our redeemed tickets advance tickets. We stood in line to redeem you, so take your time. After the Exchange ordered Park we will guide us.

Q. Time, alongside representatives only when it is good it is also?

Members should line up on all matching.

Admission to the Park and re-enter to the Park

Q. Pets are welcome in the Park?

We refuse the admission of pets. However, the sportdog a.m. admission.

Q. How do I re-enter the Park?

Re-entry stamp will be pushed to the back of hand at the counter next to the exit. There you will be able to leave the Park ready to re-enter later.
You can re-enter again when in a private gated stamp and ticket taker present.
Re-enter the Park is closed 30 minutes ago. However, please note that congestion is again temporary wait may.

For group reservations, Park facilities

Q. How can I make group reservations?

Please contact us at the contact information listed below.
03-5777-5300(Monday-Friday 10:00-19:00)

Q. Is it possible to rent the Park?

Currently, we do not carry any service of renting the Park.

Q. Is it possible to interview the crew of the Park?

The interview please refrain to Basic. For inquiries and interviews contact 03-5777-5300.

About the attractions and their utilization

Q. Do you have attractions that are ridden?

There are no attractions of riding style.

Q. Are there any attractions with certain restrictions?

Attractions there are wishes and restrictions, so please check for the attractions before you, please ask the crew directly.

Q. From what age can one visit the attractions alone?

Available for single junior high school students and older. Younger than elementary school children, and accompanied more than a junior high school student is required.

Q. My friends are as well as attractions column. Also on the way to join?

Please refrain from joining in line afterwards. Everyone should be present before making the line.

Q. What are the attractions, live shows and is not available to you?

The schedules for attractions and LIVE SHOW could change without notice for system maintenance or other reasons.

About the shows and characters

Q. How do I watch a show?

"LIVE TICKET" is required viewing for live shows.
"LIVE" will advance tickets [LIVE & PARK PASS "purchase them at 3rd floor ticket counter on the day of the purchase. When you buy listed will show time. However, only number of participants for each course but may not purchase, depending on traffic conditions. Please be forewarned.

Q. Can you meet the characters in the Park?

You can see by viewing live or join the photo greeting.

Q. Can you take pictures with the characters inside the Park?

You can take and attend the "photo greeting" have taken place in the 5th floor. However, entry ticket is required to attend. Tickets, every day 10: 00 and will be distributed at the Park 5 F photo area. The number of reserve is limited, so do not participate depending on traffic conditions. Please be forewarned.

Q. Are there any restrictions?

Bring food and drink
-Video recording, recording, flash photography (still picture shooting is possible)
, Monopod, tripod, and their taking use of the auxiliary equipment such as stick
And seems to hold the child on the shoulder and dangerous acts
Other guests all the comfort and enjoy, so we appreciate your attention to the give and take of the viewing space and around.

Q. Even performers with gift?

We do not accept any kinds of gifts for the performers in the Park.
Please refrain from giving the gifts to the Park crews or to the performers.

Q. Profile of live performers, please tell me.

The names of the performers, please check the official website. For any other information not disclosed for the protection of personal information.

About dining

Q. Dining in the Park?

Hotel. 4th floor at "Frankie's Cola bar' guests can enjoy light snacks and drinks. On the first floor outside the Park, "Assange as my restaurant" and "Cafe Mugiwara".

Q. Can we do group bookings of restaurants and cafes?

For restaurant and cafe bookings, please contact below.
Also, you can book our restaurant for up to 20 people from online reservation below.
Click here for online reservation

Q. Is it possible to drink in the Park?

Please refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages in the Park.

Q. Is smoking allowed in the restaurant and cafe?

Sorry, all our non-smoking products. There are smoking areas outside of the foot, so please contact them.

About shopping

Q. Do you accept credit cards in the Park?

You can use major credit cards (Visa, Master, JCB, Amex, and Diners card) in the Park.

Q. Can I put goods on hold?

We cannot put goods on hold.

Q. Can I pre-order goods?

We do not book.

Q. There are shops in the Park?

3rd floor has stores. In addition, the Tokyo Tower one piece of straw hat store to 1F (outside the Park).

Q. Toy mail order?

We do not mail-order goods.

Q. The item was broken. What to do?

If you bring us the receipt, we will exchange it with a new item.

Q. Return and want to Exchange, but I've lost my receipt. What to do?

If the receipt is not sorry, we do not support. Sorry about.

Q. If the item you want to know, what to do?

Please contact the park directly. Please note that, we check your time.
Contact: 03-5777-5308

About luggage and delivery

Q. Can you keep my luggage?

Luggage Storage service is not done. Coin-operated lockers are available, so please use them.

Q. There are coin-operated lockers Park?

3F entrance fee-based coin-operated lockers.

Q. Do you have luggage delivery service?

Currently, we do not have a luggage delivery service.

About payments and banking in the Park

Q. Do you have ATM?

No ATM is inside the Park. There are seven Bank ATM on foot on the second floor.

Q. Is it possible to Exchange foreign currency?

Tokyo Tower-to-list information center of the foot F 3 (outside the Park) is possible.

Q. Can be combined with credit cards and cash?

Cannot be combined with cash with the card.

Q. If you paid by credit card, installment can be?

We are sorry, but we only accept payments with either.

In the case of emergency

Q. If you get lost, you've held up fellow, how do?

Please of please talk to the crew.

Q. Do you do when you've lost?

Please of please talk to the crew.

Q. Are ill, how do?

Please of please talk to the crew.

If you have children

Q. You can rent a stroller?

We are sorry, but we have no stroller rental service. Also, we might ask you to fold the stroller when the Park is crowded.

Q. Is there a place you can breastfeed?

Sorry, not within the Park. Please use the restrooms in the foot on the first floor.

Q. Is there a place where I can change diapers?

In the Park 4th floor women's restroom, toilet.

Q. Children's toilet restroom?

Sorry, no room for children.

Q. We sell baby food, baby food, baby formula, diapers?

We are sorry, but we do not.

About park facilities and services

Q. First aid room in the Park?

There is none inside the Park, but we will guide you to the first-aid room of Tokyo Tower.

Q. Is there a place you can smoke?

We have a non-smoking policy inside the Park. Please use the smoking area outside the Park.

Q. AED (Automated External Defibrillator) is located?

Yes, it is.

Q. Where can the battery of cameras and camcorders, mobile phones are there?

There is no charge service in the Park.

Q. Is there a public telephone?

The Park does not have available.
I think there are 4 public telephones available in the foot, so if your there.

About universal design

Q. You can rent wheelchairs?

We do not rent wheelchairs.