About the Facilities

About the Facilities

Governing Body
  • Name
  • Business management union members
  • Headquarter
    4-2-8 shibakoen Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • Telephone/fax
    Tel. 03-5777-5300(From abroad +81- 3-5777-5300)
    Fax. 03-5777-5305(From abroad +81- 3-5777-5305)
  • Description of business
    1. Amusement facility planning, production and performance
    2. Restaurant management and sales of food and drinks
    3. Manufacturing and sales of publications and related products for amusement facilities
    4. Business related to previous notes

Special cooperation: SHUEISHA
Sponsored by: Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd



We summarized frequently asked questions about the park.

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Inquiries about tickets

For tickets, please contact the homepage of each sales company.

Inquiries related to Tokyo One Piece Tower

Contact, please call the number below. Reception hours are 10:00-to 22:00.

Inquiries about the Park


From abroad +81-3-5777-5308

Shop inquiries


From abroad +81-3-5777-5308

Restaurant and Cafe relatedInquiries


From abroad +81-3-5473-1500

Corporate and private organizations inquiries

Public relations, corporate and group programsinquiries


From abroad +81-3-5777-5300

(Monday-Friday 10: 00 pm- to 19:00)

Requests from the Park

For the guest to enjoy the stay safely

-Please do not run in the park for safety reasons
-Keep your children close to you
-Children younger than elementary school student must be accompanied by someone older than junior high school student
-We have non-smoking policy inside the Park
-When you leave a stroller, please make sure to take valuables and personal belongings (including souvenirs) with you
-Please do not enter the park with pets except for support dogs (seeing-eye dogs, hearing dogs and service dogs)
-We may ask you to stop taking pictures or videos in case it becomes nuisance to other guests or for safety reasons

Please refrain from bringing things including the following that can cause inconvenience to other guests

-Alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, packed lunch, etc.
-Tripods, selfie sticks, and other auxiliary tools
-Dangerous objects
-Things that make loud noises such as bullhorns and whistles
-Banners and armbands (please contact in advance for tour conducting purpose)
-Pets except for support dogs (seeing-eye dogs, guide dogs and hearing dogs)

The following actions are strictly prohibited

-Bringing objects that this Park considers dangerous
-Transfer and exchange of tickets between guests and exchange of money with those actions
-Sales and display of goods and services列
-Distribution of flyers
-Rally, speech, or shooting for commercial purposes, etc.
-Shooting and public transmission that cause troubles to other guests
-Clothing considered to be against public order or cause unpleasant feelings to other guests, or clothing/tattoos that may give misleading ideas to other guests security wise
-All actions that interfere with the operation of the Park
-Smoking in the Park (There is smoking area located outside the Park )
-Gifts for the live casts, Park crews, etc.
-Admission of crime groups and those related to crime groups
-Words and actions pretending to be Park crews and entertainers, and actions that cause troubles to other guests

About the attractions and games

-Attraction may be cancelled without prior notice. We do not refund passport (ticket) in this case.
-When waiting at the queue of the attraction, actions that cause troubles to other guests such as dangerous acts and cutting in, and joining the queue are prohibited. Please line up with all the members that enter the attraction.
-There are no access limitations to attractions, but there are loud noises, wind, lighting, etc. for effects. Please be noted beforehand.

About the live show

-The show may be canceled without prior notice. We do not refund passport (ticket) in this case.
-Taking pictures with cameras, cellphones, and etc. is allowed. Please keep them below the eye-level and be considerate to other guests around you. Also, for safety reasons, please refrain from using unipods, tripods, selfie sticks, and other auxiliary tools.
-Flash photography, taking videos, and sound recordings are strictly prohibited.

Requests for guests visiting the Park

-In the park, there may be a case where guests become the subjects of shooting when taking photos or videos of each facility and live attraction, and those may be used for news coverage, advertising, promotion, commodity sales, and etc.

Other notes

-This park cannot be responsible for accidents caused by guests' carelessness
-There may be a case where we refuse your admission or ask you to leave the Park if your actions may cause troubles to other guests or you did not cooperate with requests from Park crews.。


Company Overview
  • Company Name
    株式会社 AMUSE QUEST
  • Established
    2014 July 22nd
  • 所在地
    150-8570 4-2-8 Shiba Park, Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • Telephone/fax
    Tel. 03-5777-5300(From abroad +81- 3-5777-5300)
    Fax. Fax. 03-5777-5305(From abroad +81- 3-5777-5305)
  • Chairman and Executive Director
    Yokichi Osato
  • President and CEO
    Nobuhiro Kashiwagi
  • Board of Directors
    Yojiro Shiba
    Rumiko Ichige
    Tomoka Suzuki
  • Statutory Auditor
    Toshifumi Oshima
  • Capital
    95,000,000 yen
  • Description of business
    -Planning, development, and management of an amusement facility
    -Training and management of entertainment personalities, musicians, movie directors, script writers, directors, athletes, persons of culture, etc.
    -Production, contract, and performance of music, films, plays, entertainment, and lectures
    -Planning, production, manufacturing, sales, loan, and copyright business of recordings and movies software
    -Management of rights regarding character merchandises and its planning and sales
    -Publication and sales of prints such as books and sheet music
    -Management of cultural facilities such as concert halls, theaters, museums, art galleries, recording studios, and lesson studios
    -Agency business of advertisement and promotion
    -Mail-order business and communication service using the Internet, etc.
    -Management and planning of restaurants
    -Sales of food, drinks, alcohols, cigarettes, seasonings, postal stamps, clothing and miscellaneous goods, decorations, and souvenirs -Any and all businesses incidental to each of the foregoing.