>Event"Bepo birthday commemorative photo greeting * this event is now closed.
Bepo's Birthday Photo Greeting

To celebrate Bepo's birthday, Law and Bepo will appear in front of the Photo Booth on the 5th floor!
Don't miss the opportunity to take a picture with them!

■Date and time

< November 2017 >
11/20 (Monday) 15:20 ~, 19:20 ~

* Participation tickets will be distributed in front of the photo booth on the 5th floor from 10:00. Application will end when all the tickets are distributed for both rounds. Thank you for your understanding.

*Please participate only once a day per person so that many visitors can enjoy this event.
*We will guide in first-come, first-served order.

■Request during photo shooting

You can take a picture only once per group with your camera. Also, you cannot take a picture of the character only.

* We will not accept requests regarding the character's poses or props. Please follow the guidance of crews and participate.
* Please refrain from touching casts including handshakes.

After photo shooting, please check the photo.
In case there were problems with the photo such as blurs or closed eyes, you can retake the picture.
*You may not retake the picture after you exit

Photographs taken by a photographer will be on sale

1 piece
with a Tokyo One Piece Tower mount
1,500yen (tax included)

Other notes

* Please refrain from transferring participate tickets.
* You may not change the participating dates and number of people after accepting participation tickets.
* Please do not meet up in the waiting line.
* The event time and content may change without prior notice. We cannot refund the park ticket in this case.

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