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Nick name
CHOU-ROU *meaning elder in Japanese
115 Years old
He can look around the world even to a very far place. He watches over the Straw Hat Pirates and the rest of the world and tells the story to the islanders.
Fear of Hight, gets seasick easily.
Waits to the maximum before introducing something, sometimes has a very confident face when showing a video.
Mumbles or acts like he had forgotten everything when asked something inconvenient. He likes it a little bit getting scolded by a strict woman.
Habit of talking
talks very slowly.
Favorite food
Rice crackers
Family structure
Songwriting (making and singing at the moment)
Caves in the island (location unknown)
Behavior patterns
He wakes up in the middle of the night and climbs the tower slowly. He brings a lunchbox and a water bottle. He arrives at the top around lunch time and has lunch. After, he gazes at the world from the iron tower and memorizes numerous adventures and events.
Then he climbs down slowly to tell the stories he had remembered and goes to sleep during the evening. During climbing up or down the tower, he tends to sing a song that he makes up all by himself.
Ever since the Park was made, sometimes he comes there to talk to the people instead of climbing the tower.
Bedtime fashion
Sky blue color pajamas. He also wears a nightcap with fluffy ball on top.
Medical Conditions
(or maybe just pretending... not sure)
Types of preferences
He seems to get happy when scolded by a strong confident women.
Other features
Smelly fart, talks loud in sleep
Walking speed
Insanely slow
"Once in a lifetime experience"

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