Plans for friends

Go on adventures with your friends like “Straw Hat Crew!”

Let’s sail to the world of ONE PIECE,
“TONGARI Island” on the impressive 360° multidirectional theatre!

Make a trip to the world of ONE PIECE,When you go through 360 Log Theatre,

360you will land on TONGARI Island!
At “TONGARI Port” where Thousand Sunny is at anchor, join in the feast Luffy and others hold!

Compete with the skill of a slingshot!
Who is the king of snipers (SOGEKING)!?

Use a slingshot, KURO KABUTO, and defeat Marines!
After completing stage 1 and stage 2, a prize is waiting for you! Let’s become a SOGEKING!

Zoro will teach you swordsmanship!
How good is your swordplay?

Slash off cannons fired from countless warships!Let’s challenge your limitations! Also, on the monitor of the exit, your bravery (*) will be shown!! Don’t miss!
* You can purchase as photos at photo service in TONGARI Store.

20A “surprise” every 20 seconds!
It’s a show time like
a roller coaster!

The popular characters from “ONE PIECE” jump out of the screen and enfolds a thrilling actions in front of your eyes! This is the exciting stage that you can only watch at “TOKYO ONE PIECE TOWER”!

  • Don’t get to have your hand stamped with re-entry stamp when leaving the park!
  • In case of re-entry, show the stamp at designated gate!

Pirates style buffet!
It’s a pirate style to drink and eat all you want!

You can eat original cuisine all you want only here designed in the motif of characters from “ONE PIECE” and the worldview!!
70Eat as much as you want for 70 minutes!

The goods used in the live attraction
sold as a candy!

The glowing torch used in the show is on sale as a glowing candy “TONGARI Light-Up Candy”!With this, you can sing “TONGARI-GARI-GARI TON♪”
anywhere in the house! There are many other TONGARI Store exclusive goods!

* The size is different from the torches used in the show.

Let’s go around TONGARI Island’s sights!

There are countless interesting photo spots on TONGARI Island! Take the best shot with your friends!

Get a live repeater’s ticket
and live that excitement once again!

You can normally watch “ONE PIECE LIVE ATTRACTION” only once per day per person.If you purchase a live repeater’s ticket, you can watch once again!
* Only when there are seats left.

We’ll meet again!

At the end, “Straw Hat Crew” will see you off!
Also, check out the illustrations by Mr. Oda
and congratulation message presented to celebrate the 1st year anniversary of TOKYO ONE PIECE TOWER!