Family plan

This is the recommended plan where from children to adults can enjoy as a family!

Let’s sail to the world of ONE PIECE,
“TONGARI Island” on the impressive 360° multidirectional theatre!

Make a trip to the world of ONE PIECE,When you go through 360 Log Theatre,

360you will land on TONGARI Island!
At “TONGARI Port” where Thousand Sunny is at anchor, join in the feast Luffy and others hold!

Play a match
at a remarkable glittering casino!

There is no difference between adults and children in the world of casino!
The cleverest one is the No.1!! Which is the hit among four?

Feel the presence of
“Straw Hat Crew” in Thousand Sunny!

Explore inside the pirate ship of “Straw Hat Crew,”“Thousand Sunny”!
Touch inside the ship from corner to corner. There are things like this and that!!!

At the best place to refresh on
the island, rest as you play.

If you are tired from walking, drop by Franky’s Park!After relieving your thirst at “Franky’s Cola Bar,” try “Franky’s Ball Run” (500 yen per 1 time) that both adults and children get excited, and receive wonderful prizes!

Discover ancient scripts as
you communicate with Robin.

Once you discovered the ancient scripts hidden around the island, put Transponder Snail over them!The time limit is 30 minutes! Ready, set, go!
* Your own bounty with a reward becomes a picture! You can purchase the picture at photo service inside TONGARI Store.

Laugh, cry, surprise!
Authorship & Eiichiro ODA
GReeeeN providing blockbuster!

The popular characters from “ONE PIECE” jump out of the screen and enfolds a thrilling actions in front of your eyes! This is the exciting stage that you can only watch at “TOKYO ONE PIECE TOWER”!

Only in shore store

Shore store as the owner has den den Mushi is made in the Studio of the island has,Come together here but can't get good toy!

We’ll meet again!

At the end, “Straw Hat Crew” will see you off!
Also, check out the illustrations by Mr. Oda
and congratulation message presented to celebrate the 1st year anniversary of TOKYO ONE PIECE TOWER!