>TONGARI Column> Let's look for Easter Ver.Luffy and friends and get a new paper ring!! "TONGARI Egg Hunt" report!


Let's look for Easter Ver.Luffy and friends and get a new paper ring!! "TONGARI Egg Hunt" report!


Hello, everyone! It has gotten so warm lately. It's spring!

In this column, I will report one popular event of current spring festival ONE PIECE EASTER 2818

called "TONGARI Egg Hunt"!

What kind of event?
In "TONGARI Egg Hunt," the players walk around the park wearing a Bunny Ear Sun Visor Hat, find Luffy and others hidden with eggs, and

collect all the keywords!

<How to participate>
The participation fee is free! Anyone can participate, but they must take a photo and post it on the social media.
First of all, go to the Mini Attraction on the 4th floor and take a picture!

By following 1 or 2 below, you can participate in TONGARI Egg Hunt!

1. Let's take a picture using an Easter photo prop!
Post the photo on the social media account with a hashtag #tokyoonepiecetower.
(Instagram / Twitter / Facebook / LINE etc.)

2. The crew will take a picture of customers with a special camera!
We will post the picture on Tokyo One Piece Tower official social media accounts.

Column 1

Using an Easter photo prop, "Say, cheese!"

Column 2

There are many Easter photo props! Please take the crew at the counter.

After taking a photo, show the screen of a picture you posted on the social media account and you will get a rabbit ear sun visor hat.

Column 3

The front is Easter ver. Chopper. Cute!
On the back, there is a box to write a keyword.
Before starting, let's check the location of clues of where Luffy and friends are hidden!

(I recommend taking a picture of a clue board!)
And you're ready to go! With a bunny sun visor hat, let's go on an adventure!

Start the adventure!
Based on clues, let's look for egg panels hidden inside the park!
When you found panels, write down the keywords on the panels onto the answer box on the bunny ear sun visor hat.

Column 4

The eggs are hidden in different areas of the park, so you can enjoy games and attractions as you look!
You may find panels by chance when you are playing in the attractions!

After you collected all the keywords,
go back to the location you received the bunny ear sun visor hat (Mini Attraction on the 4th floor)

and show the keyword written on the bunny ear sun visor hat.

If you got the right answer, we will give you an original item!

The original item is the first "Paper Ring" in Tokyo One Piece Tower!

It is an adorable Paper Ring with an illustration of Luffy and friends with bunny ears!!
The design will be picked randomly, so it's fun to see which character you will get!

Column 5

Which character's paper ring will you get??

Lastly, there is no time limit for this TONGARI Egg Hunt! You can enjoy playing inside the park

and look for Luffy and friends!!

Please try this TONGARI Egg Hunt!

◆Date: 3/21/2018 (Wednesday)-6/30 (Saturday)
◆ Venue: Tokyo One Piece Tower
◆ LocationMini Attraction on the 4th floor
◆ Participation fee: free
◆ For details, please check the official website Easter Special Page.