>TONGARI Column> A report on a special buffet party celebrating Sanji's birthday!!


A report on a special buffet party celebrating Sanji's birthday!!



Do you know how many ONE PIECE characters have their birthday in March?
44 characters are currently known!

I counted and it seems there are more March birthday characters than any other month.

A lot of characters have their birthday on March 2!
On this day, Sanjuan Wolf from Blackbeard Pirates, Ichiji, Niji, Yonji from Vinsmoke family... and!

It isthe birthday of Straw Hat Crew cook, Sanji!!! (Applause!!)


For this joyful Sanji's birthday, exclusively on March 1, 2,

and 3, "Sanji's Birthday Special Buffet Party"was held at SANJI'S ORESAMA RESTAURANT! (5 parties

03_ Sandi AP

In this column, I am specially reporting the scenes from the party!

04_ Pick up Assange

Many guests gathered for long-awaited "Sanji's Birthday Special Buffet Party"!

When everyone walked into SANJI'S ORESAMA RESTAURANT excited to see Sanji... unbelievably...

Sanji was welcoming them at the entrance!

Sanji with a white apron reminds you of a cook on ocean-going restaurant "Baratie" or when he was young.

Everyone was waving their hands and seemed unable to contain the excitement.

Of course, with so many beautiful ladies, Sanji was in Mellorine mode!!

My heart skipped looking at Sanji being excited more than usual.

05__ Welcome dessert

After being seated, a welcome dessert specially made by Sanji was served at each seat!

A heart jelly on top of bavarois is so cute.

06___ Buffet

In the middle of the restaurant, pizzas baked in the stone oven at Cafe Mugiwara, seafood paella, fried chickens, penne dish…

22 buffet dishes cooked for this day are lined in a row! Looks delicious!

07___ CHOY

When all seats have been seated, Sanji appeared from the kitchen! He brought out the main dish.

As he said on Sky Island, "Presenting food is art," his garnishing was perfect

and he placed rose petals walking around each table.

08_ Seasoned

In the end, he seasoned the main dish with gentle movement and voila!


A gorgeous dish!

As for the taste, perfect seasoning, succulent texture, and aromatic flavor... everything was just perfect.

10___ Shooting booth

Nex was the long-awaitedphoto shooting time with Sanji!
1Each group took a commemorative photo at a special booth. Sanji stood behind the sofa

and my heart would not stop beating!! After the photo shooting, he high fived! This is a very rare moment.



All the guests were as passionate as Sanji's special hospitality

and they decorated the table with handmade boards and bunting,

prepared items for photo shooting, and they celebrated his birthday in their own style!

13_ Celebration

Also, everyone at the venue prepared something to surprise Sanji!
With a birthday cake a staff at SANJI'S ORESAMA RESTAURANT bake for Sanji,

they all sung a birthday song!

Sanji was touched and he showed his love for all with his whole body

(jumping in joy, waving hands, and making a huge heart with his arms)

and he blew away "32" candles on the cake.


By the way, this birthday cake had a different design for each party!

15_ High-touch

16_ Sanji exit

Fun time passed quickly and the party was approaching the end.
In the end, Sanji walked around each table and did high five everyone with a big love and gratitude!

Kind atmosphere wrapped the whole venue until the last minute.

17_ Greeting cards

After the party, a special message card from Sanji was handed out.
Hearts were studded onto the card and the design was fashionable. I want to display it together with the photo today.

We heard voices from the guests, "It was such a happy moment!" and "It was just like heaven..."

"Sanji's Birthday Special Buffet Party" ended in success...!
BUT!!! Sanji's birthday celebrating does not end here!!

3Until March 31, at a cafe next to SANJI'S ORESAMA RESTAURANT, Cafe Mugiwara

3as a March birthday menu, "Our Ship Cook's Fluffy Sea Food Omelet and Rice" is offered!


If you order this menu, you can get Sanji's special birthday card as a gift.
It is Sanji in the costume from Whole Cake Island Arc!

Also, only in March, "Vinsmoke Family's Black Bug Drink"

inspired by Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji from Vinsmoke family

and "Franky's Super Fresh Watermelon!!!!!" are offered as well so check them out♪

Birthday menus of Sanji/Vinsmoke Family/Franky are here (March only)!!

< Link:https://onepiecetower.tokyo/20180226_01

The offering will end soon! Let's have fun until the very end!