>TONGARI Column> Now issued special ONE PIECE comics "Vol.333"! A report on a promotional event of the first readers, Rina Ikoma, a member of Nogizaka46, and Shu Watanabe, a big lover of ONE PIECE!


Now issued special ONE PIECE comics "Vol.333"! A report on a promotional event of the first readers, Rina Ikoma, a member of Nogizaka46, and Shu Watanabe, a big lover of ONE PIECE!


3Tokyo One Piece has reached its third anniversary!!
3The special ONE PIECE comics "Vol.333" was created to thank all of you for these three years and they are now handed out!
Before the handout of rare comics, "Tokyo On Piece Tower 3rd Anniversary Promotional Event" was held on March 7!

(Related URL:https://onepiecetower.tokyo/sp/3rd_anniv/

In this event, the commemorable first reader of "Vol.333" Rina Ikoma from Nogizaka46 and
Shu Watanabe, an actor who is a huge fan of ONE PIECE appeared in red costumes that remind you of Luffy.
They talked passionately about what they loved about it looking as a huge panel of "Vol.333."

Rina Ikoma who loves reading Shonen Jump said,
"This is packed with ONE PIECE world and I enjoyed it a lot."

Shu Watanabe who have followed Tokyo One Piece Tower since the opening said,
"I carefully read Mr.Oda's messages he put.
I was very satisfied that his heart was put into 'Vol.333'."
Both of them seemed to be content with the impressive contents.

Ms.Ikoma's recommendation is an interview article between the ONE PIECE author, Eiichiro Oda and the artist, GReeeeN.
"In the 10-page article, there were some behind-the-scenes stories and I could feel Mr.Oda's character. It was worth reading!"

he commented.

Also, on this day, as a follow-up announcement of "Vol.333,"

it was revealed that signatures of all 9 members of Straw Hat Crew are printed on this booklet.
Both of them saw the signatures before anyone else and commented,

"The signatures exude each character's personality. Just those signatures made 'Vol.333' worth reading!"
Please read "Vol.333" to check those signatures.
Also, these signatures will be displayed inside Tokyo One Piece Tower in the near future. Look forward to the further announcements!

LIVE&PARK PASS is required to get "Vol.333" limited in number.
(Those visitors with tickets other than "LIVE&PARK PASS," please purchase additional "LIVE TICKET" at the ticket counter on the visiting day)
The available number of "LIVE&PARK PASS" and "LIVE TICKET" is limited
and we may not sell day tickets. We recommend purchasing advance tickets.
(Related URL:https://onepiecetower.tokyo/tokuho333

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Additionally, it was announced that attractions at Tokyo One Piece Tower will go under renovation!
3They announced "three" new projects after the 3rd anniversary!
The movie of 4D experience theatre with a large-scale three-monitor screen
inside LUFFY’S ENDLESS ADVENTURE will be renewed! (https://onepiecetower.tokyo/3rd_anniv/37_theater

It will be a completely original story set on Tongari Island (Tokyo One Piece Tower.)
Sanji vs. Sentomaru and Zoro vs. Marine General Fujitora!

Also, Luffy confronts Trafalgar Law who formed a pirate alliance in the original comic!
Highlighted scenes were released in still frames.
You can watch an exciting movie as you experience effects such as wind.


Also, the popular special exhibition "Log Gallery" will go into Season 4! (https://onepiecetower.tokyo/3rd_anniv/37_gallery

New theme is "enemies (rival)".
Numerous original illustrations of famous scenes of Luffy's past enemies will be displayed and
there will gimmick to experience the worldview of ONE PIECE.
In the promotional event, 3 illustrations scheduled to be displayed in the exhibition were released.
Mr.Watanabe who loves ONE PIECE explained in detail and the audience was extremely excited!

Log 2

The live entertainment show, ONE PIECE LIVE ATTRACTION “PHANTOM” supervised by the author, Mr.Eiichiro Oda
with original characters
was decided to continue its way into the
2nd year! https://onepiecetower.tokyo/3rd_anniv/37_live

The story stays the same but the mirages that confront Straw Hat Crew will be renewed!
Who will be the new characters? How will they deceive Straw Hat Crew? Look forward to the new show!

At the end of the promotional event, two guests left us a special message.
"Tokyo Tower is packed with everything about ONE PIECE. Please come!" (Ms.Ikoma)
"Tokyo One Piece Tower is a wonderful place where you can feel the history of ONE PIECE. Come and enjoy!" (Mr.Watanabe)

3Tokyo One Piece Tower will level up coming to a milestone of our 3rd anniversary.
We are looking forward to your visit. Stay tuned for further information on the future renovation!