>TONGARI Column> News report! You can get a rare picture of the favorite character! "TONGARI SCOOP -Take Sanji's top-secret photos!-"


News report! You can get a rare picture of the favorite character! "TONGARI SCOOP -Take Sanji's top-secret photos!-"


Hello, everyone! It's freezing cold these days.
Walking around Tokyo One Piece Tower may help you warm up during this season!
In today's column, I will introduce a new walk-through event from November, "TONGARI SCOOP -Take Sanji's top-secret photos!-"

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What is this event exactly?

"TONGARI SCOOP -Take Sanji's top-secret photos!-" is a mystery puzzle adventure to discover the scene of Sanji’s scandal by solving a problem using multiple “TESTIMONIES” scattered around the park.
When you solved the problem and discovered the scene, you will get a “Scoop Card (original illustration)” and a card of scenes from the ONE PIECE animation “Whole Cake Island Arc.”

There are four courses: course 1 (difficulty★,) course 2 (difficulty★★,) course 3 (difficulty★★★,) and course 4 (difficulty★★★★★.) You choose which one to play first.

By the way, you can play the trial to see what "TESTIMONIES" are like below.
(The difficulty of this trial is course 3 -difficulty ★★★.)

There are four kinds of scene cards of "Whole Cake Island Arc" chosen randomly.
The illustration of "Scoop Card" is different for each course.
Depending on the course, you may be able to get a scoop of other character than Sanji!

On top of that... When you completed all the four courses, you will get Sanji's special exclusive can badge!

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By the way, by December 1st, only 226 people own this can badge...
Only 226 people have this among 7.6 billion world population! THE RAREST ITEM!

If you love Sanji and ONE PIECE, you must try!!

Let's face this challenge! What happens in the event?

Firstly, go to TONGARI Store on the third floor to play this game...
You can buy a kit here.
(You can purchase the kit at the ticket counter as well.)

They will give you a camera-shaped answer sheet and a pencil.
The surface has a cool illustration of Sanji! The main visual of this event.
On the back, squares are printed.

PH1_kit PH2_ura

There is a hole on the top so you can hang it on a ticket holder.

With a kit, go to the <Start> panel in front of the TONGARI Store.
Here, you choose which course to take and write down on the "Course" box on the answer sheet.


Once you have decided which course to take, go to the next "TESTIMONY" according to the first "TESTIMONY"!

"TESTIMONIES" are posted around attractions and photo spots.
The park is a little dim, so please look around safely.

Features on each course!! Which one will you take!?

I cannot tell you further details here but...
Just for this occasion, I will tell you the features of each course.

Course 1 (difficulty★) and course 2 (★★) are very easy!
Even small children can solve them on their own♪
It's more of a walk rally or a stamp rally rather than a mystery solving.
Course 2 has a little twist to it but it's fairly easy once you get a hang of it.

In course 3 (difficulty★★★,) you will face a little tricky puzzle.

And... the course 4 with difficulty ★★★★★.
This is a very difficult course that even adult challengers say it is hard.

The content of "Scoop" may be special though...
Let's try with patience and think outside the box!
I recommend walking around while taking notes and taking pictures of "TESTIMONIES."

If you felt the selected course was too difficult,
you can go back to the start and restart with a different course.

Let's report a scoop!

So, when you went to all the "TESTIMONIES" and figured the answer to the problem,
write down on the "Answer" box on the sheet and go back to TONGARI Store on the 3rd floor.
Hand in the sheet and report a scoop!


If you got it right... the game is complete!
You will get a "Scoop Card" and "Whole Cake Island Arc" scene card!

By the way, I heard a rumor that you might get a rare photo even if you got it wrong.
When you didn't have enough time or did not have confidence with your answer, just go to the report station!

One last thing.
There is no time limit to this TONGARI SCOOP.
So you can play in attractions, take pictures at photo spots, rest, and take time to play the game!
It might be fun to play with your family and friends♪



■Date: 11/3/2017-TBA
■Location: Tokyo One Piece Tower 3-5th floor (inside park)
■Kit purchase: park 3rd floor Ticket Counter/TONGARI Store
■Kit price: 600 yen (tax included)
■Event URL:https://onepiecetower.tokyo/event_list/TONGARI_SCOOP