>TONGARI Column> Let's connect with friends around the world! Introducing Tokyo One Piece Tower official social media★


Let's connect with friends around the world! Introducing Tokyo One Piece Tower official social media★


The world is flooded with different social media.

I am quite sure many of you are using social media like Twitter or Facebook.

Of course, Tokyo One Piece Tower hasTwitter, Facebook, LINE @, InstagramandWeibo (微博), YouTubeaccounts!

In this column, we are introducing our official social media accounts that deliver the latest information every day!

First of all,official TwitterandLINE @ accounts.

This is mainly for Japanese speaking visitors and we are delivering information about events, new products, and new menus at Tokyo One Piece Tower.

Did you know that there are two Twitter accounts?

One is Tokyo One Piece Tower official Twitter(@onepiecetower.)

You can find seasonal and latest information here!



Also, we are holding a campaign called “Log wall” for ONE PIECE LIVE ATTRACTION “3” “PHANTOM.” If you take pictures of the show and post them on Twitter with a specific hashtag, those pictures will be projected inside the park!
For more informationclick here.


Another account is run by the elder of Tongari Island (AKA Chourou)Tongari Transponder Snail's Twitter (@tongari_denden).



In this account, you can see everyday scenes of Tongari Island and secrets of Tongari Island that only Chourou knows!

Have you met Chourou?

It's uncertain when he'll appear, but he is looking after you all somewhere on Tongari Island♪

Do not forgetLINE @ (@TOPT).

Useful information will be delivered with push notifications. Busy people can receive information anytime!



Next, I will introduceOfficial Instagram (@tokyoonepiecetower)!

It posts awesome photos of events, live shows, new menu, and new products.

You can feel what it is like to be at Tokyo One Piece Tower with these pictures!

If you took any pictures on Tongari Island, please post them on your account with a hashtag, #tokyoonepiecetower!



Of course, we have social media accounts for visitors from overseas.

For visitors from overseas, we are delivering latest information onFacebook (@onepiecetower.tokyo).

On top of that! We have an original content!

Currently, we are posting "TONGARI News Kids Reporter."

In these videos, children from around the world introduce Tokyo One Piece Tower in their language.

Kids reporters are helping to spread the wonders of Tongari Island to the world!

Please like the video and support them!



Also, for Chinese visitors, we have微博/Weibo (TOKYO_ONE_PIECE_TOWER)!

If you have an account, please follow here!


Finally, YouTube(Tokyo One Piece Tower Official Channel).

We are delivering the wonders of Tokyo One Piece Tower with videos.

Please subscribe to this channel with Tokyo One Piece Tower commercials and live show videos.



< Good news! >

We are holding a campaign at the entrance of Tokyo One Piece Tower right now!

If you followed any of the Tokyo One Piece Tower official social media at the spot, we will give an original sticker!

It's simple! Follow Tokyo One Piece Tower official social media account and show the screen to pirates at the entrance!

Any account is fine!


Campaign_2 Campaign_3

Have fun with Tokyo One Piece Tower official media!

Don't forget to like and share!

We are looking forward to connecting with you all!