>TONGARI Column> You will fall in love with Sanji's special dishes! Introducing a course with a souvenir!


You will fall in love with Sanji's special dishes! Introducing a course with a souvenir!


At SANJI'S ORESAMA RESTAURANT, we have fun and tasty events like Special Greeting Parties and Sweets Buffets!

Don't forget to check "Chrismas Course" announced the other day!

Fall in love with numerous dishes specially prepared by Sanji♥

<Reservation required> Sanji's Special Xmas Course Menu with a Souvenir


You'll see what Christmas Course is like.

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— Chourou

From here, I, Chourou will tell you my memories of Sanji's Special Halloween Course that I was invited to.

First, they asked me to choose a welcome drink.

A non-alcoholic drink was fruity Macedonian Cocktail Halloween Version.

I, of course, selected Sparkling Wine Halloween Version.

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It looks so romantic with sparkles!

Macedonian Cocktail is bright red and cute.

Next, they served pumpkin dishes, "Today's 3 ORESAMA Appetizers," "Pumpkin Salad Halloween Special," and "Pumpkin Soup."

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They will bring steaming hot dishes as you eat, so I could enjoy my meals while chatting with my friends in my own ppace.

These three dishes were quite filling! I was satisfied.

But wait! Here comes the main dish.

As a meat lover, I picked “Beef Fillet ‘Merorin Love’ Special” but “Grilled Lobster ‘Merorin Love’ Special” looked delicious as well.

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You can pick rice or bread!

Both beef and lobster are quite big, so go with an empty stomach!

Phew, my stomach is so full!

However, sweets are a different story, strangely enough.

With a cup of hot coffee, here comes a finale, "Sanji's Special Halloween Sweets Plate"!

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On such a gorgeous sweets plate, a whole pumpkin ice cream, a pumpkin tart, a rolled cake, and strawberries! They are all my favorites!

Only Sanji can do this!

He knows me well!!

Please invite me over to next Christmas Course!

— From Chourou

How did you like Chourou's gourmet report?

Not only they are delicious, but also they look fabulous and filling.The dishes of Chrismas course is a little different but it leveled up!

Please spend a special day with your family, friends, and your significant other!

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