>TONGARI Column> Aim to become a legendary swordsman! Let's get a certificate at ZORO'S SOUL OF EDGE!!


Aim to become a legendary swordsman! Let's get a certificate at ZORO'S SOUL OF EDGE!!



Did you know that slight changes have been made to the most popular attraction at Tokyo One Piece Tower, "ZORO'S SOUL OF EDGE"?

What's the change? Believe it or not, if you got the rank, "Legendary Swordsman" at the end of the training, you will receive a certificate that proves your skill!


This is something a fan would definitely want! So, in this column, I will introduce a little bit about this certificate!

Even Zoro approves! Let's get to legendary swordsman rank!!

11From Tuesday, November 1, if you got “Legendary Swordsman” rank at ZORO’S SOUL OF EDGE, you will get a certificate to prove your skill.

At ZORO’S SOUL OF EDGE, the result of your training will be shown at the end. There are five ranks: Apprentice, Beginner, Skilled, Master, and Legendary Swordsman. The Legendary Swordsman is the highest rank.

A lot of training is required to be awarded this rank, but anyone can once they got the hang of it. Give it all you've got and become a legendary swordsman!

So, I challenged myself to become one!


Oh, there's Zoro waiting right as you walk in!

I could feel that the training would be very hard just by looking at his stern face.

The training method has not changed, so don't worry!

Claps a sword and you're ready to go!

Now, it's time to become a legendary swordsman!

Smash all cannons from Navy! At the last battle with Pacifista,

make sure to time when to fire the technique and adjust the place to swing down your sword with Zoro.

And the result is...


Splendid! I was awarded "Legendary Swordsman" rank!

Now I can have a certificate!

Here's the certificate!

IMG_2451 IMG_2453

It says, “This acknowledges you as a legendary swordsman” with a stamp of the elder of Tonga Island, Tongari Transponder Snail!

On the back, there's Zoro's hand-written signature!

This is rare!

You must play this game and get this certificate!

There are always stronger ones! What's the rank higher than "Legendary Swordsman"?

Just between you and me, but I heard there's a higher rank than "Legendary Swordsman"...


This rank is given under very strict conditions, but you will get something special when you did. I cannot tell you what, but look forward to it!

Also, if you get this "something", your name is going to be written at the entrance of ZORO'S SOUL OF EDGE!

You'd feel proud to see your name here! Try your best to have your name engraved!

It's quite a surprise to see so many names of great swordsmen have already been engraved!

What did you think?

Zoro's training is hard, but it's definitely worth it!

Try as many times as you want and aim as high as a legendary swordsman and even higher!

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