>TONGARI Column> 【The second round closing by! Let's reflect on the first round】Greatest cosplayers have assembled at Tokyo One Piece Tower!! Among 100 participants, Big Mom has been chosen as Grand Prix!


【The second round closing by! Let's reflect on the first round】Greatest cosplayers have assembled at Tokyo One Piece Tower!! Among 100 participants, Big Mom has been chosen as Grand Prix!


Tokyo One Piece Tower is holding an autumn seasonal event ONE PIECE HALLOWEEN 2017 and on October 14th, the adult division of "Cosplay Contest 2017" took place.


Unbelievably, 100 people entered this contest! Only 10 pairs can advance to the final stage after the public vote as preliminaries.

I felt participants' strong passion from entry photos displayed inside the park!
Voters also looked very serious to choose the best of the best.


Also, I saw many visitors enjoying each other's cosplay and taking pictures together.


The final took place on the ONE PIECE LIVE ATTRACTION stage located on the park 5th floor.
I felt the sizzling heat from the contestants and the packed audience.

The judges are representatives from Amusequest Co., Ltd. and TOEI Animation Co., Ltd, and as a special judge, the voice actor of Sanji from the animation ONE PIECE, Mr. Hiroaki Hirata.
Sanji's famous lines popped out of Mr. Hirata's mouth one after another and the venue was so hot!!

The finalists are:Jewelry Bonney,Cindry,Corazon,Ace,Sabo,Diva Ann,Op-Op Fruit,Vinsmoke Sanji,Big Mom,Ivankov, these total of 10 cosplayers.

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All of them mightily showcased their costumes and props and posed on the stage as the characters!
They did not forget to show off to the judges!

Believe it or not, there were contestants who put on a costume for the first time and who was asked by a friend and did not know about the entry till the last minute!

Saki as the original character of Tokyo One Piece Tower, Ann was shining with her beaming smile! Mori as Big Mom and Akko as Ivanov looked very powerful from expression and posing.
The person who stood out the most was Takashi who was not a character but a Devil's Fruit.
Laughters broke out in the venue.

After the judging time, it was finally the time for the result.


Grand Prix was awarded to Mori as Big Mom!

The second place went to Saki as Diva Ann!

3rd place was Sorano as Vincesmoke Sanji!

For the Special Judge Prize, Akki as Ivankov was chosen.

The prize of Grand Prix was "Figuarts ZERO -ONE PIECE 20th Anniversary ver. – "Straw Hat Crew" 9 pieces set (BANDAI,) a trophy, and Tokyo One Piece Tower complimentary tickets.

* Displayed at the Log Gallery on the 5th floor of Tokyo One Piece Tower

For the Special Judge Prize, a mount with Hiroaki Hirata's signature was awarded.

Mr. Hirata commented, “The quality of the work was so much higher than I expected! They became the characters from inside and out. Good work! Sanji will continue to be a big part of the animation. Thank you in advance for your big support!”

< Comments by Winners >

“I entered last year but I couldn’t progress to the final, so I was so happy to just be able to up on the stage! On top of that, I got Grand Prix! Thank you so much.” (Grand Prix, Mori)

“I am extremely happy to be able to enter this contest as my beloved original character, Ann-chan!” (Second place, Saki)

"I never expected to win. I met Mr. Hirata and this is so memorable!" (Third place, Sorano)

"Thank you for picking me!!" (Special Judge Prize winner, Akki)

The “Cosplay Contest 2017” that both the contestants and audience love. The second round of the adult division will take place on October 21st (Saturday) and the kids division under elementary school on October 28th (Saturday.)

We are looking forward to your participation and support!

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