>TONGARI Column> Eat! Collect! Cosplay! Let's enjoy ONE PIECE HALLOWEEN to the fullest♪


Eat! Collect! Cosplay! Let's enjoy ONE PIECE HALLOWEEN to the fullest♪


Hello, everyone! This is Ayany, the columnist of TONGARI Column.

In the last column, I introduced some scenes from ONE PIECE HALLOWEEN and fun cosplays, but there are more awesome events and foods during Halloween at Tokyo One Piece Tower♪
Today, I would like to introduce more exciting things about ONE PIECE HALLOWEEN.

I tried TONGARI Miracle Paint♪

There is a booth on the 4th floor of Tokyo One Piece Tower where you can enjoy body painting called “TONGARI Miracle Paint”!


You can paint designs related to ONE PIECE characters using a paint called "Miracle Paint. "

There are 5 designs in total.


You can pick 2 colors♪ You can enjoy other free-hand drawings with the remaining paint!


I tried it myself! I chose Nami's tattoo on her arm.
Stick the sticker stencil onto the arm and paint over it.


As shown below, after putting some paint, slowly peel the sheet off, and voila!
I finished it in around 10 minutes.


I put too much paint. I recommend adjusting the amount as go.
It might be fun to experience to be closer to the character with body painting!

22308665_1965576837021523_7394862240174362840_n (1)

Beside Miracle Paint, there is TONGARI Capsule Machine♪
Inside the capsules, there are Miracle Paint, a stencil for body painting, and PVC key holder with Halloween design.
You can enjoy body painting with this set at home! Try this as well!



Exclusive goods of ONE PIECE HALLOWEEN are great for souvenirs!

You can see Straw Hat Crew in gothic costume on panels in Tokyo One Piece Tower and flyers.
The goods with these illustrations are on sale at TONGARI Store on the 4rd floor and Mugiwara Store on the 1st floor.
You can buy these only at Tokyo One Piece Tower!
Maybe for souveniers♪ Check them out!


Ticker holders, bag charms, clear files, chocolates... Find your favorite!
There are varieties of ticket holders, so you might want to collect them all...!





Check here for Halloween goods that you would want to collect!

Delicious & cute! Halloween food and drink♪

At the restaurant and cafe at Tokyo One Piece Tower, there is an awesome lineup of Halloween menus!

Law's Happy Pumpkin Party (with Law's coaster) 800 yen (tax included)


10Law is celebrating his birthday on October 6th and his sweets is a plate with pumpkin pudding and pumpkin tart.
It comes with a coaster with an illustration of Law in a Halloween costume♪ Don't miss it, fans!

◆Cafe Mugiwara
MUGIWARA HALLOWEEN DRINK (650 yen tax included)


Cute drink with a photo stick prop! Nine kinds in total♪
It's a sparkling beverage with Halloween-like color, a gradation of Coca Cola and orange sauce♪
Mix the sauce well before you take a sip!

Also, at Cafe Mugiwara, you can enjoy October's birthday menu.

◆Cafe Mugiwara
A menu to celebrate Law's birthday "Devour Law's Favorites!? Grilled Fish Plate" (1,500 yen tax included)


A set of crispy salmon, a rice ball in the shape of Law's hat, and miso soup.
The inside of the rice ball is what Law does not like...
It's a quite filling dish. Of course, it comes with a special birthday card♪
Eat delicious food and you can get an exclusive card. What a dream!


Also, birthday character Marco's desert "Marco'sMythical(Opening)Zoan(Zoan)Species(Sekai) Pineapple Parfait (1,200 ten tax included)


Bartolomeo made this for Luffy"I want Luffy Senpai to drink this...!!" "My Special Cassis Tea"(900 yen with tax)!

At SANJI'S ORESAMA RESTAURANT, you can enjoy "Sanji's Special Halloween Course Menu (with a souvenir) only offered 10 pairs a day


It's a course offering such as "Macedonian Fruit Cocktail Halloween Version" and "Grilled Lobster "MERORIN LOVE" Special." Please enjoy the menu filled with Sanji's love!

* Reservation only. Please check here.

ONE PIECE HALLOWEEN at Tokyo One Piece Tower will continue until October 31st!
Please drop by the park this autumn with your friends and family!