>TONGARI Column> 【The frontline of ONE PIECE HALLOWEEN】I went to Tokyo One Piece Tower as ONE PIECE character!


【The frontline of ONE PIECE HALLOWEEN】I went to Tokyo One Piece Tower as ONE PIECE character!


Hello, everyone! This is Ayany.
This year's Halloween's special event has begun at Tokyo One Piece Tower once again.

The entrance is in the Halloween mood! It's so exciting even before you step your foot into the park!


9From during ONE PIECE HALLOWEEN, from October 16th (Saturday) to October 31st (Tuesday,) they warmly welcome "NARIKIRI (cosplays)"
so I tried it myself♪
In this TONGARI Column, I will introduce some tips to enjoy Halloween at Tokyo One Piece Tower!

Tip 1 Get into the character of ONE PIECE and enjoy!

During ONE PIECE HALLOWEEN, you can be anything as long as it’s ONE PIECE character from pirates to Marines! Check the rules to follow, become your favorite character, and enjoy!

▶ Check here for cosplays!!

Guests cosplaying as ONE PIECE characters can get a special sticker when they enter the park♪
So, today, I tried to look like my favorite character, Chopper.

I was a little embarrassed before going inside, but I got the sticker!
A little cosplay is okay like a hat♪
There are some goods on sale in Mugiwara Store on the 1st floor of Tokyo Tower, so you could buy it!

22308801_ 1965577077021499 _ 2905136664410998437 _ n

The design is selected randomly. Wait and see what will come out!

22310451_ 1965577043688169 _ 8329040032204477249 _ n

I got Luffy version. The illustrations of pumpkins... I want to collect them all!

Tip 2 Let's take pictures with Straw Hat pirates in Halloween version!

In the park, there are many photo spots where Straw Hat Crew in costumes stands. You can only seem them here.
Their panels are located on four areas on the 4th floor and 5th floor.

If you found them, have fun taking pictures together with them!
Don't forget the hashtag #tokyoonepiecetower when you are posting on social media like Instagram and Twitter♪


Also, there are adorable pumpkin ghost lanterns. It's creating the exciting Halloween mood.


Tip 3 Marines patrol!

Believe it or not, during the event, Marines are patroling Tongari Island where pirates gather. They suddenly come out of nowhere on top of that!
Only guests in pirates disguise are rumored to be captured...

22366313_ 1965576873688186 _ 8013558652164884793 _ n

For some reasons, I was captured and had to face the choice of becoming one of them or not.
If I chose NOT to be one of Marines, a picture of me will be posted on the bulletin board next to the stage!!

22365175_ 1965576963688177 _ 3889958334554765082 _ n

But I love Straw Hat Crew and I can't betray them! So I politely declined.
Which means... my wanted poster is posted on the bulletin haha

22365505_ 1965576947021512 _ 1564707096585507322 _ n

Marines may sound scary, but the Marines patrolling on Tongari Island were quite kind!
If you find them, try to join in!

Tokyo One Piece Tower is so much more fun when you are being one of them♪

"ONE PIECE Cosplay Contest 2017" is held this year!

"Cosplay Contest" was quite popular last year and we have it this year as well.
The schedule is: 10/14 (Saturday,) 21st (Saturday,) and 28th (Saturday)!
You can enter the contest on that day. This year is the 20th anniversary of ONE PIECE series, so the special judges and prizes are gorgeous!

The only qualification to participation is, "anyone who is ONE PIECE character"!
Please participate in this contest if you are interested!

▶ Check here if you want to participate in the contest!

▶ Check here for others!!


* Images are from last year.

During the Halloween, please enjoy Tokyo One Piece Tower as your favorite character!
You will sure to enjoy something you can only enjoy right now!!