>TONGARI Column> Lectures from a "beer journalist"! Beer from around the world that goes best with three popular pizzas at Cafe Mugiwara!


Lectures from a "beer journalist"! Beer from around the world that goes best with three popular pizzas at Cafe Mugiwara!


Craft beer is so popular these days!
Without a doubt, pizza goes best with beer!
My name is Nyatoko, the columnist of TONGARI Column who loves beer! I am a "beer journalist"!

Cafe Mugiwara is the one-and-only ONE PIECE library cafe located on the 1st floor of Tokyo Tower.
You can read over 600 books and magazines related to ONE PIECE from around the world and there are plenty of menus that Luffy will surely scream “Looks tasty!!” But did you also know that there are surprisingly many varieties of beer?


In this column, I will introduce three new pizza menus from this summer and beer that goes well with them!!

【Give me meats!!】
Luffy's Meaty Pizza×Brooklyn Lager

Luffy is all about "meat."

新作も登場のCafe Mugiwara3大ピザを食べ尽くそう

The most popular pizza at Cafe Mugiwara that meat-lover Luffy can't help grinning about is "Luffy's Meaty Pizza"!
Slices of roast beef fresh from the oven are put on top of the dough generously.


For this filling pizza, I recommend the most popular craft beer from New York "Brooklyn Lager'

1800This lager beer recreates “Vienna style” that was popular during the 1800s. The floral and fresh citrus hop aroma, refreshing bitterness, and the sweetness of malt are beautifully balanced.

So, here it goes! Itadakimasu!


As I bite into a slice of filling beef, I was first impressed with how well it's done!
The sweet and sour tomato sauce compliments the soft and juicy meat.

Then I gulped Brooklyn Lager and I felt refreshing harmony with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, not overshadowing the filling meat at all.

By the way, the label of Brooklyn Lager is designed by a graphic designer Milton Glaser famous for the logo "I ♡ NY."
This much-sought-after designer designed the label for a small new brewery in exchange for "the right to drink Brooklyn Lager eternally for free after it succeeded."

Luffy's Meaty Pizza (1500) Brooklyn Lager (800)

【You will sure to get emotional!】
Chopper's Bloom in Winter Miracle Sakura Pizza×COEDO Beer Ruri

The story of Chopper's "Bloom in Winter, Miracle Sakura" is famous as one of the emotional episodes that became a movie.
Sakura that made a miracle in winter is created with Sakura shrimps and sprinkles of pink pepper on white sauce on "Chopper's Bloom in Winter Miracle Sakura Pizza"Japanese-style flavor of Sakura shrimps is amazing.


The best beer for this pizza is Japanese craft beer, "COEDO Beer Ruri".

This beer brewed in the brewery in "Koedo (a city that evokes Edo period)" Kawagoe has a great balance in flavor.
Because of its translucency, this premium Pilsner was named 瑠璃 (Ruri, a kind of crystal.) It’s light but has depth to it, so it matches perfectly with Japanese dish.

Let's bite into this!


Hmmmm.... pink pepper brings out the flavor of the mild white sauce.
With fragrant flavor of Sakura shrimps, it has more depth to the taste than the impression.

If you gulp "COEDO Beer Ruri" with this pizza, it nonchalantly pours onto the white sauce pizza as if the glistening snowflakes dance around and fall to Winter Island, and melts away with delicate lingering sensation.
You just cannot stop taking bites.

Chopper'S Bloom in Winter Miracle Sakura Pizza (1,500 yen)/COEDO Beer Ruri (800 yen)

【A new pizza with plenty of veggies】
Usopp's Garden Pizza -Pizza Ortolana-×Kirin Hard Cidre

This is the new pizza from this summer, Usopp's Garden Pizza -Pizza Ortolana-.
Ortolana is an Italian word meaning “greengrocer” derived from orto (garden,) and Ortolana pizza is a vegetable pizza.

The top of the pizza just like a vegetable garden, full of fresh greens.


For this fresh pizza, this is not beer, but I recommend"Kirin Hard Cidre".

This is liquor made 100 % by fermenting apples.
This liquor is called "cider" in the UK and Australia, "hard cider" in the US, and "sidra" in Spain.

Even though it's liquor made from apples, it's not so sweet but dry and fresh, so it matches perfectly with a vegetable pizza and sweet and sour flavor brings out the salty uncured ham on top of the pizza.

Until the pizza is baked, I peeked into the process...

3 kinds of pizzas are all handmade in the restaurant and you can look see the process in close-up.
I watched the chef make Garden Pizza.

FIrst, he spread the rolled up dough.


He spun the dough fast till it's a good size then he threw the dough in the air with both hands to spread more.


Next, he put the ingredients on top of beautifully spread dough.


400Then he baked it in the oven heated to 400 ℃.


He took out the baked pizza and put fresh vegetables, uncured ham, and parsley sauce on top of it. VOILA!


This Garden Pizza does not have sauce in the base unlike other two pizzas, but the parsley sauce at the end uses garlic and pine nuts, so it's quite fresh but has a distinctive strong taste.


A hearty bite! Mozzarella is so melty... THIS IS THE BEST!!!

Usopp's Garden Pizza -Pizza Ortolana- (1,500 yen)/Kirin Hard Cidre (800 yen)
* All prices are tax included.

A little secret for you... How to enjoy pizzas at Cafe Mugiwara in a special way

Part 1: Take it out and enjoy it!
Pizzas and some of the menus are available for takeouts!
I recommend taking out a pizza and enjoy it outside as you look up to Tokyo Tower.

Part 2: Let's experience making a pizza at Kids Pizza Class!
On Kids Free DAY at Tokyo One Piece Tower every month,they are holding a Kids Pizza Class. A chef will teach the kids how and they can eat baked pizzas and light meal. (Reservation required.)

We are holding various events to celebrate the 20th anniversary of ONE PIECE series!

At Tokyo One Piece Tower located on the 3rd floor to 5th floor of Tokyo Tower, they are holding various events to celebrate the 20th anniversary of ONE PIECE series!


Enjoy the world of ONE PIECE first, then have a feast with delicious pizza and beer with an empty stomach♪

Let's read this, too!

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