>TONGARI Column> Photogenic sweets❤ Let's eat desserts that you would want to post on social media at the ONE PIECE library cafe!


Photogenic sweets❤ Let's eat desserts that you would want to post on social media at the ONE PIECE library cafe!


The sound of crickets' bells. The wind that brushes my cheek tells me it's almost autumn. For some reason, I feel like eating sweets.
Beer is good, too, but sweets are indispensable♪ Hello, I'm Nyatoko, a little greedy columnist.

Cafe Mugiwara is the one-and-only ONE PIECE library cafe located on the 1st floor of Tokyo Tower.
In this cafe, you can read over 600 books related to ONE PIECE from around the world. Free Wi-Fi on top of that!


In such Cafe Mugiwara, they started offering new desserts!
They are both wonderfully tasty and extremely photogenic on the outside to express the characters!
In this article, I would like to introduce the sweets that I just cannot help posting on social media.

【Question 1: What comes in your mind with a white cap and dark brown patterns...? 】

So here is a question for you!
Which character is this dessert made after?
A fur-like cap is the clue!


You're right! This is after Trafalgar Law, the captain of Heart Pirates, AKA Surgeon of Death!

The white fur is unbaked cheese cake, a cap’s pattern is cacao cookies, the hat’s brim is a wafer, his sword Kikoku is a chocolate snack, and Law’s pirate flag is cocoa powder.


The unbaked cheesecake is like soft mousse and taste so mild.
You can enjoy different flavor with chocolate sauce and cocoa powder.
By the way, this Law's hat is the design from New World!
If you want to know the hat before the New World, look at the cover of vol. 51 "Eleven Supernovas"!

Law's cheesecake 900 yen

【Quetion 2: Orange sauce and cherries... ?】

How about this one? Beads necklace is the clue...


Did you get it? Yes, it's Portgas D. Ace, the 2nd division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates!!

Ace’s ability of Flame-Flame Fruit is orange sauce and his hat is a Swiss roll with cocoa powder on top. The cherries around the cake is his trademark, beads necklace.


Strawberry cream is stuffed inside the fluffy Swiss roll. Just like Ace who loves parties, it’s quite a bright plate.

Ace's Swiss Roll 900 yen

【Question 3: Adorable orange shapes and oranges! 】

Can you tell this one? I think a lot of people would immediately know!


Easy one, right?
It's Nami, the navigator of Straw Hat Crew, without no doubt!

This is a semifreddo with tangerines.
Semifreddo is an Italian dessert and it's a semi-frozen ice cream cake.
The skin of tangerines around the cake are removed and with rich cheese cake, you can enjoy luxurious dessert that Nami loves!
If you want to see Nami's real tangerines, please look at the cover of vol.9 "Tears"!

Nami's Tangerine Semifreddo 1,000 yen

【Question 4: Glamorous violet and countless flowers in bloom...!】

This dessert reminds you of a glamorous and a little devilish adult woman. Who could it be?


Nico Robin with unbelievable beauty!
She has paramecia-type ability that allows her to sprout pieces of their body on the place she wants. She makes a pose like a flower in front of her chest when she uses her ability.

Rich panna cotta with sweet and sour berry sauce is so soft. You will finish the glass in an instant!

Robin's Panna Cotta 1,000 yen
* All prices are tax included.

Cafe Mugiwara has ONE PIECE comics in various languages!

Inside the library cafe, books and comics are sorted by language.


Perhaps, you could look for the scenes with those photogenic desserts.
Also, you can compare the same volume in different languages and see the difference in lines! It'd be fun!
This autumn, if you took a nice picture, please post it with a hashtag, #東京ワンピースタワー or #tokyoonepiecetower!

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