>TONGARI Column> Rain, wind, the heat of summer… It’s no problem to this playground! Here are some tips for you to enjoy Tokyo One Piece Tower more!


Rain, wind, the heat of summer… It’s no problem to this playground! Here are some tips for you to enjoy Tokyo One Piece Tower more!


Hi, everyone. Where did you visit this summer?

Sticky humid heat continued and now it's raining this week...
Fickle weather continues on.

This Tokyo One Piece Tower located inside Tokyo Tower is an indoor theme park where you can meet Straw Hat Pirates!!
Tokyo's humid heat and lingering rain are no problem at all!!


When the weather is too dull to have fun, come to Tokyo One Piece Tower!

If you want to know how to get to Tokyo Tower, please read the article below!

It introduces detailed directions from 5 nearby stations (Toei Oedo Line Akabanebashi Station/Hibiya Line Kamiya-chou Station/Toei Mita Line Onarimon Station/Toei Oedo Line・Osakusa Line Daimon Station/JR Hamamatsu Station)!

Once you know the direction to Tokyo One Piece Tower, the next you've got to know how to enjoy the attractions and games!

In this TONGARI column, we will introduce the tips, or strategy in a way, to enjoy attractions at Tokyo One Piece Tower more as we reflect the past popular articles!

Firstly, I will introduce the attraction popular with kids,"ROBIN'S FINDING PONEGLIFF".

Pictures Q9

In this attraction, the players must find ancient characters scattered around the park and discover the hidden Ponegliff within 30 minutes. The search area is 3rd to 5th floors!!

In this column, I will introduce the areas that you don't have to look for, as generous as we are!

Next, the attraction hugely popular with guests from abroad"ZORO'S SOUL OF EDGE".


In this simulation game, the players must slash down cannon balls fired from the Marines warships!
You must swing the sword at the exact timing of fired cannon balls.

At the end, fire the finisher, "Sanjuroku Pound Ho" and defeat the enemy!
The moment of you beating the enemy will be saved forever as a photo!

The column below introduces the tips to make the coolest pose for the photo!

Everyone in any age or nationality will be absorbed in this game"USOPP'S ROAD TO SOGEKING" !!

Image 11-B_600

In this game, the players must beat Marines using the weapon Black Kabuto at the shooting range created by the sniper of Straw Hat Pirates, Usopp!

Just imagine a slingshot, but shooting the balls is so difficult!
Those of you who are not so confident or wants to aim for higher levels, check this column, learn the tips and strategies, and try again!

Today, I introduced the way to fully enjoy "ROBIN'S FINDING PONEGLIFF," "ZORO'S SOUL OF EDGE," and "USOPP'S ROAD TO SOGEKING"!
There are more attractions, but I will introduce them on other occasions!

Lastly, it's not an attraction, but I will introduce a must-go area!

We are looking forward to your visit on rainy, windy, and hot day at this cozy playground♪