>TONGARI Column> ONE PIECE's first PlayStation® VR in one piece Tower experience! Come experience the ONE PIECE GRAND CRUISE TRIAL ZONE!


The pre-experience event of ONE PIECE'S first PlayStation®VR at Tokyo One Piece Tower! I played ONE PIECE GRAND CRUISE TRIAL ZONE!


Hello, everyone. It' Ayany!

VR is going viral lately. Have you ever tried it?
It’s attracting attention for its virtual experience with special goggles. This summer, the area where you can experience PlayStation®VR (hereinafter referred as PS VR) software “ONE PIECE GRAND CRUISE.” TRIAL ZONE, will be open at Tokyo One Piece Tower!


In this article, I will report my hand-in experience at ONE PIECE GRAND CRUISE with the game details!

Check the location and participation process of ONE PIECE GRAND CRUISE TRIAL ZONE!

ONE PIECE GRAND CRUISE TRIAL ZONE is located on the 5th floor.


Also, children under 12 years old cannot play this, so please note beforehand!

There are other notes to attend to, so please check details at the official websiteclick here.

Hands-on experience!


TRIAL ZONE has the capacity of 8 people, and each person sits on the chair and put on PS VR.

The famous PS VR!
I personally thought that the body was lighter and easier to watch compared with other VR goggles! It's promising!!

I put on the goggles and headphones as the crew signaled!
Also, I held the controller in my hand and it began.


The experience itself lasts for 10 minutes, but the crew carefully lectured us such as how to deal with possible nausea during the game.


As it began, the deck of Thousand Sunny unfolded in front my eyes, 360 degrees!
Players become a pirate trainee of Straw Hat Pirates and spend one day of their voyage on Thousand Sunny.


The exact view I saw in the manga and animation stretches in front of me.
It's irresistible to ONE PIECE fans!
It's very much life-like, even Nami's tangerine tree stands on the ground.


The view through the goggles is like this! Also, there are scenes where Straw Hat Pirates talk to us!
I was so excited when Chopper talked to me! That's me nodding to him... hahaha.

With headphones, the sound is clear and very realistic!

It felt as if I actually became a member of Straw Hat Pirates. It was such an amazing experience!
Your eyes and ears are all covered, so you get very immersed into the world! So interesting!

Different seats and different choices make different outcome, so you can enjoy many times! This is fun!


Also, at the last part of the experience, there is a cooperative play with 8 people using the controller only at Tokyo One Piece Tower!


I participated in the shooting battle with Marines!
With 2 teams, Team Luffy and Team Usopp, you shoot down cannon balls and barrels!
In the end, the result will show which team shot down more, so put your heart into it!

20429741_ 1935473250031882 _ 7874448103528664854 _ n (1)

Time flied and I was a bit sad when I took off the goggles. I wanted to be in their world more!
My friend who played with me couldn't contain the excitement saying, "This is amazing! I want to do this one more time!"

Not only those who’ve experienced VR before, but also first-timers and those who are not so familiar with ONE PIECE can enjoy this 20 minutes!

Please experience this thrilling and immersive “ONE PIECE GRAND CRUISE” TRIAL ZONE at Tokyo One Piece Tower!

Period:2017July 22 (Saturday)- *The last day to be announced
Time:10: 00-22:00 (last entry: 21:20)
Location:Tokyo One Piece Tower 5th floor, GRAND CRUISE TRIAL ZONE


*The experience at ONE PIECE GRAND CRUISE TRIAL ZONE is free, but LIVE & PARK PASS or PARK PASS is required to enter Tokyo One Piece Tower.
* Children under the age of 12 cannot use "ONE PIECE GRAND CRUISE" TRIAL ZONE
* The screen is under development

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