>TONGARI Column> Introducing the summer at Tokyo One Piece Tower to heat up the 20th anniversary of ONE PIECE series!


Introducing the summer at Tokyo One Piece Tower to heat up the 20th anniversary of ONE PIECE series!


Hello, everyone!

8It's August! It's summer break!!

I'm quite sure you all visited a lot of places.

As for me... I participated in various summer events at Tokyo One Piece Tower!!!

By the way, it was terrible weather on this day, but heat or rain is no problem inside Tokyo One Piece Tower! You can enjoy to your heart's content!


These two welcome you at the entrance!

The movie at "360 Log Theater-The World of ONE PIECE-" was a new one!



This is "Fierce Battle Version"! It's exciting to see this story in this hot summer!

The projected movie is different depending on where you stand.

I should watch it from other directions the next time...


To celebrate the20th Anniversary Special Exhibition "Log Gallery" has changed to "Battle" as well.

For this new theme, displays such as the original illustrations, GReeeeNGReeeeN&their comments have been updated.

GReeeeNthe best battles chosen by GReeeeN members, they remind you of the past battles Straw Hat Pirates have gone through...!!


The life-size figure of White Beard is so much bigger than I imagined!!!

So overwhelming!!

His muscular body is so cool!! 

Next, since it's summer, festival stands!

4Let's go to TOKYO PIRATES FESTIVALon the 4th floor!

You can enjoy the summer festival at the area where game and food stands line up.

Which should I try... TONGARI Mini Attracion, TONGARI Workshop, TONGARI Pull the Rope, TONGARI Quoits, TONGARI Rocket Launcher...


Okay, I think I'll try TONGARI Quoits first!!

Oh, this quoits looks so easy!!




Nevermind! It's so difficult!!!Hahaha

I couldn't win the game!

You will get a gorgeous prize if you win the game,

but you will get a participation prize even you didn't win like me♪


If you collect 2 "participation tickets" that you get 1every time you play the game,3you can play "Giant Capsule Machine" at "TONGARI Festival Information."

If you draw a win, you can get an original tapestry... HOW GENEROUS!!!!!!

Let's play them in this festival!


This day, the Amezaiku stall was closed, but I could buy Amezaiku at FRANKY'S COLA BAR♪


All of them are detailed and cute☆

The Amezaiku stand is open on weekends and holidays until9March3 and8March14 (March)!

Believe or now, you can watch the demonstration sales of Amezaiku! You can see the craftsmanship of Amezaiku up close, so please witness it with your own eyes!

I was personally looking forward toVR eventONE PIECE GRAND CRUISE TRIAL ZONE"!

I was excited when I heard that you can join the voyage on Thousand Sunny as a trainee of Straw Hat Pirates♪


Put on the headset on the seat...

and ready to go!!Put on the headphone, too!!


Straw Hat Pirates appeared and it's time to sail!

If you look around, you are so immersed that it feels as though you are standing on the deck of Thousand Sunny.

You can enter Robin's bedroom and Sanji's kitchen, they talk to you...

The story changes depending on the gender you choose and your seat location.

I was able to go into Nami and Robin's room♪

When I was enjoying the voyage... a battle with Marines broke out!!

The Marines throws various things like cannon balls and barrels, so you engage them using the controller!!

Okay, bring it on!


It was so thrilling that I screamed !!!


It's gonna hit me! It's flying at me!!

I got the exhilaration like I get when I ride a roller coaster.

You HAVE to try this!

Also, there are the live show supervised by Mr. Eiichiro OdaIntroducing ONE PIECE LIVE ATTRACTION"3"PHANTOM and "Photo Greeting" where you can take pictures with popular ONE PIECE characters like Straw Hat Pirates and Law.

Check the following page for details on the summer events!


Let’s have fun at cool Tokyo One Piece Tower full of attractions and events♪