>TONGARI Column> How do Devil Fruits taste like? I ate and compared Devil Fruits Gummies only on sale at Tokyo One Piece Tower!


How do Devil Fruits taste like? I ate and compared Devil Fruits Gummies only on sale at Tokyo One Piece Tower!


Hello! I'm Ayany.

Today, March 14th is White Day (a month after Valentine's Day).

Have you guys returned tasty sweets to girls?

So, today, to celebrate (?) White Day, I will introduce some sweets that are only on sale at Tokyo One Piece Tower. They are Devil Fruits Gummies!!

Shop 1

Rumored Devil Fruits Gummies are sold at ONE PIECE MUGIWARA STORE TOKYO ONE PIECE TOWER, the ONE PIECE official merchandise shop.

This ONE PIECE MUGIWARA STORE TOKYO ONE PIECE TOWER offers exclusive goods that you can purchase only here! One of fans' dreamlands!

Among those goods, one sweets that I would love you all to try is... Devil Fruits Gummies.

There are four types of Devil Fruits Gummies!

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Tokyo One Piece Tower exclusive Devil Fruits Gummies

There are four kinds in total and they are "official flavors" certified by ONE PIECE...
I'm sure there are many people who are curious and wanted to try them once!

1. Gum-Gum Fruit (grape flavor)

2. Op-Op Fruit (strawberry flavor)

3. Flame-Flame Fruit (mango flavor)

4. Flame-Flame Fruit (orange flavor)

Flame-Flame Fruits have Ace version and Sabo version, and each tastes different.

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If you look inside, the color is almost the same.

2016_ 11 _ 26 _ 16 _ 31 _ 15

You can bring them and share them at school or workplace as souvenirs♪ You can choose by characters, kinds of Devil Fruits Gummies, or maybe all!

1It's nice to see the logo of Tokyo One Piece Tower on each package.

10Out of 10 pieces, there are three Devil Fruits Gummies with TERRIBLE taste!

10There are 10 pieces of Devil Fruits Gummies inside the package, but 3 of them are terrible flavored gummies.

We hear Devil Fruits taste terrible, but how bad are they? Aren't there any tasty fruits?

As thoughts flash through my mind, this time, I sacrificed myself to taste and compare all of them.

They are bite-size. It actually looks like Devil Fruits.

They’re quite smaller than how they are depicted in the original comics. They are relatively true to the original. Official indeed♪

2016_ 11 _ 26 _ 16 _ 30 _ 59

From just looking at it, I can't tell if it's Gum-Gum Fruit flavor or grape flavor... .


This was grape flavor. PHEW. All the other friends who tried together had grape flavor, too.

Someone even said, "Are there really Devil Fruits' flavor inside" It's 3 in 10, so quite high probability.


2016_ 11 _ 26 _ 16 _ 30 _ 52

It's heart-shaped and cute! It's even strawberry flavor.

"Wait, we can't eat more than one Devil Fruits, right? Is it okay...?" Me and my friends munched on it in silence with this thought in our mind. haha

Devil Fruits flavor is a SHOCK!

Luckily enough, I didn't come upon Devil Fruits flavor for both Gum-Gum Fruit and Flame-Flame Fruit, but at the very end with Op-Op FruitI picked up Devil Fruits flavor.

Simply put, it tastes like... "shocking flavor." haha It was such a shock that I tweeted immediately...

Thoughts after trying it... Well, it tastes like Devil Fruits Flavor even in my stomach. Kind of minty?
It was a flavor I've never tasted beforejust like xx!

I’m quite sure that any fans would have dreamed at least once, “I want to have the power of Devil Fruits! I want to eat that fruit!!!” but...

If you eat it, you might think"Um, I might rethink about it..." It tastes like that! haha

By the way, Devil Fruits flavor for Gum-Gum Fruits and Flame-Flame fruits were each different. If you are really interested, you could try comparing only Devil Fruits flavored gummies.

I ate all of them but... I think I'm fine. FOR NOW. haha

It's worth a try!
There are many other Devil Fruits, so I hope I can eat them in the future. Please try them!


● Location: Tokyo Tower Foot Town 1F, 4-2-81 Shiba Park, MInato-ku, Tokyo

* It's located outside of the park, so you can use the shop without entering the park.

  • ● Business hours: 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (The business hours may change. Please check the official website.)

    ● Last entry time: 21: 30

    * Subject to change due to traffic conditions.

  • ● Types: Gum-Gum Fruits (grape flavor)/Flame-Flame Fruits (orange flavor, mango flavor)/Op-Op Fruits (strawberry flavor)
  • ● Price: 463 yen + tax each
  • ONE PIECE MUGIWARA STORE TOKYO ONE PIECE TOWER URL:https://onepiecetower.tokyo/shop/mugiwara_store