>TONGARI Column>【Report】Mr. Shu Watanabe and Mr. Dori Sakurada had a blast at the new Tokyo One Piece Tower!!


【Report】Mr. Shu Watanabe and Mr. Dori Sakurada had a blast at the new Tokyo One Piece Tower!!


ONE PIECE HALLOWEEN 2017 has finally begun. Are you enjoying it?

Let it rain, let it snow! No problem at Tokyo One Piece Tower!

You can enjoy any time of the year. The one-and-onlyONE PIECE indoor theme park!

Tokyo One Piece has upgraded with new attractions.20Today, actors Mr. Syu Watanabe and Dori Sakurada ONE PIECEwill introduce Tokyo One Piece Tower through a video!

''360"Log Theatre -The World of ONE PIECE- Fierce Battle ver."

First of all, two are so excited at the entrance with "360"Log Theatre -The World of ONE PIECE-"Firece Battle ver."

As the name suggests, numerous famous scenes of fierce battles come back to life on the360 degrees screen.


360 degrees of screen... different scenes were projected on the different area and two of them seemed that they could not choose where to look. 1If one time is not enough, you can watch it again!

Please talk to the staff at the exit gate♪

Introducing "ONE PIECE" Series20th Anniversary

Special Exhibition "Log Gallery" Season2 "Battle"!

To celebrate the20th anniversary of the series, we are displaying the original illustrations!

In this area, you can listen to a fantastic song called "4 ever ドーン!!!!! (4 ever Bang!!!!!!)" that GReeeeN wrote for Tokyo One Piece Tower. On top of that, there are their favorite scenes and their comments on display!

Not only that! There is a life-size statue of White Beard from the famous scene!!

Both Mr.Watanabe and Mr.Sakurada who love the original work were extremely excited.


This is the new attraction that everyone is talking about!

Not only can you play “ONE PIECE GRAND CRUISE” (PlayStation®VR) before its release, but also battle in teams with a special version that allows a cooperative play of 8 people at the same time!

Check out their reactions during the play. They were excited from beginning to the end at the appearances of Straw Hat Crew in front of their eyes!!


“PHANTOM” merchandise and pamphlets are on sale and it’s heating up! Tokyo One Piece Tower confidently recommend this live show, PHANTOM!

The supervisor of this play is Mr.Eiichiro Oda!! Also, this stage is an original story that you can watch only at Tokyo One Piece Tower with original characters, projection mapping, and lighting technology!

On top of that! The opening number is a beautiful song called "4 ever ドーン!!!!! (4 ever Bang!!!!!)! by GReeeeN and the ending number is "PHANTOM-Promise-" sung by GReeeeN and "Diva Ann"!!

Both of them seemed touched at the last scene...

How was Tokyo One Piece Tower through the eyes of Mr. Shu Watanabe and Mr. Dori Sakurada?

At Tokyo One Piece Tower that both of them had a great time offers "Kids Free Day" on every last Saturdays !
The PARK PASS for Children under the age of six will be free on this day. Please come and visit with a family, relatives, and friends on this day!

We are all waiting for your visit.