"Visitors from the Wrecked Ship - The Curse of the Revived Mummy" First Day's Experience Report! What are the recommended missions? What's the level of fear?

At Tokyo One Piece Tower, a Horror Event "Visitors from the Wrecked Ship - The Curse of the Revived Mummy" will take place again on February 8th, 15th, and 22nd!
This event took place before on December 2018, and thrilled the guests with its terrifying mood of Tongari Island. 
As an event created by the collaboration of Tokyo One Piece Tower and "Hounan-cho Horror House OBAKEN", many brave guests have participated from the first day.

This time, the event has leveled up, and it's more horrifying than last time.
I bet many people wonder how terrifying it is, what kind of missions there are, and if you'll be able to meet the "Straw Hat Crew",
so let me tell you about what to expect at this event!!
※No spoilers included

At the end, I will give you hints for those who are a bit timid of ways to proceed game with less horror, as well as recommended missions for horror-loving guests!

Experience Report

 "Visitors from the Wrecked Ship - The Curse of the Revived Mummy" is a Horror Event that uses the entire areas of Tokyo One Piece Tower.
When you enter the park, the hallway is very dark, unlike the usual Tongari Island... It's already eerie at this point!!

At the venue of the starting point, creepy sounds are heard throughout.

Let's get started by reading thoroughly the Guide Book before the event started.
The booklet has important notices and details of each mission, as well as how to play the game itself, written on it.
It will be best to read this beforehand, in order to proceed the game efficiently!!

On the back is a space used to collect the "Spell required to seal the Mummies". Make sure note to lose this!

In order to seal the mummies, we must clear 5 or more missions found within the park, and complete the spell!
Now, let's get started, and aim towards sealing these spooky mummies!!

What are the mission details? There's Mummies inside the park too!?
 There's a total of 8 missions. First start with the mission written on the Guide Book, and then, you will be able to choose the rest on your own.
Listening to Mummy Researchers' study results, investigating about the spell and research, and escaping from the attacks of mummies…
So many types of mission to challenge within the time limit of 90 minutes (opening act included).

For example, at "MISSION4" inside "Zoro's Soul of Edge", you will be listening to "Research Results".
From the Researchers who had captured and studied the mummy, you will be told about the details of these mummies,
and you must report what you learned, when you exit the mission

If you succeed, you will receive a phrase of the spell, necessary for sealing the mummy!

During "MISSION8", you may be able to meet up with the "Straw Hat Crew"!
Let's work together to clear this mission!

You can try the mission as many times as you want, as long as time allows!

There are some missions where you use "Life Sash", and avoid being attacked (having the sash ripped) by the mummies!
※In fact, some people accidentally tear the Life Sash, so be careful!

Not only inside missions, but mummies are everywhere on the 4th Floor!
When they find non-mummies, they are walking towards you, so watch out!
You will hear people screaming from different places!

In fact, try taking picture of these mummies. It looks like they will make a special spooky posing for you.
If you are brave enough, you may want to take a picture with it! But be sure to not be attacked by the mummy!

Time flies by quickly when you're running away from mummies.

This time, if you clear 5 or more missions and complete the spell, you will receive
a special Tin Badge (total 3 colors, handed randomly) and an Ending Card that will tell you what happened afterwards!
Please try out your best and aim towards clearing the game!

To Both Frightened People and Horror Lovers: Recommended Missions and Important Points in Clearing the Game

To those who are already afraid at this point, as well as those who looooove horror,
this time's "Visitors from the Wrecked Ship - The Curse of the Revived Mummy" is enjoyable by everyone!
Its attracting point is that you can choose on your own of which mission to join.

This time, I actually participated in the event, and realized that whether or not the mission consists of using "Life Sash" changed the horror level of each mission.
The mummies will try to attack you to steal the Life Sash.
If you are brave enough to escape from the attacks, or if you love horror, I recommend you to try out these missions

I was most terrified with "MISSION2", and was crying aloud by the time I reached the goal...

Those who are scared to go inside "Brook's Horror House" may plan out avoid participating in the missions requiring the use of Life Sash.
Talk mission of "MISSION6" and "MISSION7", and the video analysis mission of "MISSION5" are both easier to participate in for those who are a bit afraid.

There's various ways to enjoy, but I recommend everyone (from those who love horror to those who is afraid)
to join Mission 8 at the 5th Floor 'Top Floor'. Can't tell you the details but I bet everyone will enjoy the special experience!

◆Important Points that will help you clear the game!

In order to clear the game, there are some important points you may want to keep in mind prior to participating.

①Wear comfortable clothes
I highly recommend wearing sneakers or easy-to-move shoes you've worn before, along with comfortable clothes.
Inside the park is warm, so you may want to put your coats/jackets and luggage into the locker. (Please keep your valuables in hand)

②Check your Guide Book before starting the game
I have already said before, but it's best to take a deep look into the guide book before the event starts!!
If you are participating with your friends, you may want to make plans on how to move around, too.

③Don't forget about the time limit!
You must complete the mission within the 90 minute time limit (opening act included).
During the event, you can try the same mission as many times as need, but keep in mind that only 1 phrase of the spell will be given per each mission. 
The longer you stay in one mission, the less time you can spend with others. In fact, you may not be able to participate in some mission in that case.
So be sure to keep track of your time, and spend your time wisely.
Some missions may seem easy, but may have tricks hidden behind it.
It will be best to have enough time to think!

④Take pictures with the Mummy!
During the event, you won't be able to take photos, but you can take pictures of the mummies at the 4th Floor 'Middle Floor"!
In fact, if you take a close look, each and every mummy is very unique! Please take a chance to find your favorite mummy.

Those who participated were scared, but at the same time seemed to have had fun, as some said, "It was scary but it felt great screaming out loud",
"The mummies were actually cute" "The ' Straw Hat Crew' came very close to me, and I felt like I was being protected"!

Even if you have never joined a horror event, the difficulties of each missions are not too high,
so it may be a great chance for you to try out on your first horror event experience,
with "Visitors from the Wrecked Ship - The Curse of the Revived Mummy"


Don't miss out on the Collaboration Menu too!

During the event, if you get a thirsty and want to rest a bit, head to "Franky's Cola Bar" on the 4th Floor.
This area is protected from Mummy, so it's also recommended to take a chance to settle your heart down.

"Mummy's Research Drink" 600JPY(includes tax)
A drink made with the image of culture liquid made by the "Researcher" that appears in this event.
When you mix the cell-like basil seed and the bandage-like whipped cream with strawberry 'blood' sauce, a new chemical reaction may take place...
Please enjoy this drink in memorial of participating in the event♪
●Place sold:4th Floor (inside Park) "Franky's Cola Bar"
●Period:Feb 1st (Sat) ~ Feb. 22nd (Sat)

In addition, I highly recommend the tasty sweets menu served at the Tokyo Tower 1st Floor restaurants!
In between the cream puff, you will find a mummy peeking through looking right at you.

"Visitors from the Wrecked Ship - Restless moment with the Mummy peeking in -" 900 JPY(includes tax)
Cream puffs made with the image of bloody mummy.
The blood-like Flamboise Sauce makes it look very eerie... What is this mummy trying to tell us with its sharp eye...?
●Sold at: Tokyo Tower 1st Floor "Sanji's Oresama Restaurant" (15:00~), "Cafe Mugiwara" (10:00~)
●Period: Feb. 1st (Sat) ~ Feb 22nd (Sat)

How was it?
"Visitors from the Wrecked Ship - The Curse of the Revived Mummy" will take place next on February 15th and 22nd.
Joining with you friend is also great, but it's also recommended for Valentine Dates too!
The distance between the couple may get close!?

Please take a chance to enjoy "Visitors from the Wrecked Ship - The Curse of the Revived Mummy"
created by Tokyo One Piece Tokyo and Obaken! We will be looking forward to seeing you!!

"Visitors from the Wrecked Ship - The Curse of the Revived Mummy"