Finally! "ONE PIECE LIVE ATTRACTION" reached its 10000th performance! Let's celebrate this anniversary with 10000th Stage and the Photo Exhibition!

Starting from March 13th, 2015, Tokyo One Piece Tower has performed "ONE PIECE LIVE ATTRACTION" every day from the day it opened.
Have you ever seen it before?

"ONE PIECE LIVE ATTRACTION" is a real-live action show where Luffy and his crew runs around the stage with dynamic action,
and allows guests to experience the world of "ONE PIECE" at a close distance! 

The 20:00 show on February 1st 2020 mark the memorial 10000th performance of "ONE PIECE LIVE ATTRACTION"!!!!
This time I will be introducing you what happened on this special day!


At "Tokyo One Piece Tower", a special event ""ONE PIECE LIVE ATTRACTION 10000th Anniversary Memorial LIVE MEMORIAL TOUR"
is taking place right now, in order to celebrate its 10000th performance!
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One December 19th and 20th, 2020, a special Talk Show took place, led by the current performer of "MARIONETTE".
Here, they talked a lot about the past 10000 performances, and enjoyed the guests who can to celebrate together. 

In addition, there is a Photo Exhibition celebrating the 10000th Anniversary at the 4th Floor inside the park!
Various pictures are displayed along the wall.

Since photography is allowed while viewing "ONE PIECE LIVE ATTRACTION", we have gathered pictures taken by our guests,
and displayed them in the Photo Exhibitions, as if we are reflecting back its history.
In fact, over 7000 pictures were applied for this event! THANK YOU VERY MUCH for kindly sharing us your valuable pictures!!

From the dear 1st production to the current heated performance, various and many photos have gathered! 
"I didn't know there was such scene!" "This is an awesome posing!"
Each and every photo reflects the world of "ONE PIECE" in various viewpoints, in which you can experience through this Photo Exhibition.

A wall with various scenes of Luffy,

taking a look at the ceiling and on the floor,

*translation: "the time that passed is something like an illusion"

What do you think the meaning of this display panel is?

In fact, where this panel is displayed has a special meaning too!!
There's many tricks hidden in this exhibition so that you will want to walk through here many times!

In addition, a Message Panel is displayed too to celebrate the 10000th Anniversary!
This is also a photo spot, but the display gets completed when everyone lit the board with the Lighting Stone Message Sticker!

At the Tongari Information Counter on the 4th Floor, if you show your park tickets, you can get you "Lighting Store Message Sticker", so make sure to get one when you visit here!

Please write celebration messages and your thoughts about the Live Show, and place the sticker on the board!
It's also recommended to read other people's messages and reflecting back your memories too!

The Photo Exhibition with be displayed until March 8th. Please visit and enjoy this culmination of "ONE PIECE LIVE ATTRACTION"!

10000th Performance Memorial! Photography Session!!

Now, the live show will be reaching its 10000th performance on February 1st!
On this day's "ONE PIECE LIVE ATTRACTION『MARIONETTE』", a "10000th Anniversary Photo Prop" were given out to guests for every performance!
It's great to be used for taking pictures with everyone.

The color of the prop differed for each of the 6 performances; pink, blue, yellow, orange, green, and red!
These colors are the image colors of Chopper, Sanji, Usopp, Nami, Zoro, and Luffy, respectively.

Looks like Chou-rou is also enjoying the Photo Props too!

And LOOK!!
In celebration of its 10000th performance, the author of "ONE PIECE", Eiichiro Oda, and Editors of "Weekly Shonen Jump" sent us beautiful flower bouquet!
Thank you very much!

Isn't it wonderful?

More special news!!
A "ONE PIECE LIVE ATTRACTION 10000th Anniversary T-Shirt (Size: M or L)" is sold at the "Tongari Store" on 3rd Floor of the park (supply limited).

On the back of the T-Shirt are the logos of past live show performances, along with the name of characters for each show, printed in a cool layout!

Doesn't it look cool? Especially my posing? (lol)

Now that I have my Photo Props and T-Shirt ready, it's time for the 10000th performance!
20:00 stage of February 1st, 2020 marks the 10000th performance!!

After the performance, in the memorial of its 10000th stage,
Luffy and the crew, along with Caesar and Cracker, came up on stage again, and a photo session took place.
They each held their 10000th Anniversary Photo Props, and took a picture together on stage.

Then, Luffy and the crew (as well as Caesar and Cracker) came down to the audience area, and took a picture with the guests!

The entire venue become one to celebrate the 10000th anniversary!

"ONE PIECE LIVE ATTRACTION" was able to reach its 10000th performance, all with the support of our valued guests. Thank you very very very much!!

From February 2nd, a new history of will start with its 10001th performance.
With the power of our supporting guests, we will continue to power up "ONE PIECE LIVE ATTRACTION", so please stay in touch with us!!

In addition, the current "ONE PIECE LIVE ATTRACTION『MARIONETTE』" will be performing its final stage with the current casts on March 8th,
and will restart with new cast members from March 18th, 2020!
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Also, the final performance on March 8th will be on live-streaming from 20:00 through YouTube LIVE broadcasting!
( URL:

So many news, and I bet you can't take your eyes off!
We won't let you down, so please be excited with the future "ONE PIECE LIVE ATTRACTION"!!!