Lots of special events! New Year's Limited Tokyo One Piece Tower Event Summary

"Tokyo One Piece Tower" will welcome you from New Year's Day 2020!
There are a lot of special events suitable for the beginning of 2020♬.
Dodon such an event not to be missed in this Tongari column! I will introduce it together.

Please check it before going out for New Year's Day♬.

Special Curtain Call

On January 1, 2020 (Wed./Holiday), a special curtain call will be held at the popular ONE PIECE LIVE ATTRACTION "MARIONETTE"!
At the end of each performance, the Straw Hat Pirates and the samurai samurai characters will also appear. Enjoy who will appear! Let's celebrate the beginning of the new year together!

Venue: Park 5F Live Stage
Ticket: Seven Ticket with Live Show
"LIVE & PARK PASS" advance tickets are on sale now
"LIVE TICKET" is required to watch.

◼ The first time in Tokyo One Piece Tower! Goshuin-style commemorative sheet released in the daily design!

Tokyo One Piece Tower's first Gosho in-style commemorative seat is available in limited quantities in a daily design during the period from January 1st (Wed) to January 9th (Thu)!
The Straw Hat Pirates, dressed in kimono suitable for the New Year, also add to the New Year's mood.

It is the size that can be put perfectly on the limited sale at Tokyo One Piece Tower "Gosho insho" (1800 yen + tax).
Since the Goshuin-style commemorative sheet will be terminated as soon as the distribution minute is gone on the day, as soon as possible!

Sale period: January 1 - January 9, 2020
Location: Tonga Restore on the 3rd floor of the Park
Price: 100 yen + tax
It will end as soon as the distribution amount is lost on the day.
The design will change daily.

◼ New Year's gift from Tokyo One Piece Tower! "If you come to the park on New Year's Day, you will be free to enter the park in January."

If you bring your ticket to Tokyo One Piece Tower, which you got on Wednesday, January 1st (Wed./ holiday), you will be free to enter the park once!
Tokyo One Piece Tower to your heart's content in January! A chance to play♬

It has become a delicious New Year's gift plan twice in one time.
Please keep your ticket stake carefully so that you don't lose it.

"New Year's Special Ticket Campaign"
Period: January 2-31, 2020
Target: PARK PASS or LIVE&PARK PASS on January 1, 2020
Admission is free of charge once per ticket.
Note: "LIVE TICKET" (charged) is required to watch the live show.
Ticket page:
Some attractions and food and drink in the park will be charged separately.
Junior high school students and above are required to accompany junior high school students or younger.

◼ Issan Limited! Attraction & Wheat Navi to special specifications!

From January 1st (Wed) to January 3rd (Fri) "Frankie's Han Ta I!" Ball Collota, Nami's Casino House, and Audio Navi "Wheat Navi" can be enjoyed in the New Year's special version.

"Frankie's He n Ta I!" Ball Coaster Campaign
We are waiting for you to hit more than usual!
Take this opportunity to get General Frankie!
Use: 500 yen per time (tax included)

"Nami's Casino House" Casino Gold Pin Badge Acquisition Campaign
Casino-style gold pinbatch of the present in the usual acquisition of more than 400,000 berries, gift in the acquisition of more than 350,000 berries that has been reduced what amount of achievement!
Whether you're new to the game or not earning it last time, win the casino and get a pin badge!

Time: 10:00-20:00 (9:00-20:00 on Wednesday, January 1, 2020)
The attraction itself can be used as many times as you like, but the pin badge will be delivered up to once a day per person.

Use of "Wheat Navi", limited to 100 people per day! Lottery Distribution Campaign
Voice actor voice navigation [Wheat Navi] is waiting for everyone to become a little happy specification for three days only!
We hold a lottery distribution campaign for only 100 people per first day for those who use "Wheat Navi".
There is no hazle at all! A chance to win the lottery.
In addition, the campaign of the prize prize by lottery from the person who collected all the keywords announced in Vol.1 3 is closed on Friday, January 31. Let's enjoy Tokyo One Piece Tower more with "Wheat Navi"! !

Use: 800 yen per time (tax included)
As soon as the prescribed number of tickets is reached, the distribution of lottery tickets will be terminated.

Please enjoy the special experience only at this time as many times as you like♬

Deals items Zazak! "Treasure Bag 2020" is on sale!

Every year, the popular "Treasure Bag" will be released in 2020.
Tokyo One Piece Tower limited [Treasure bag 2020], this time luffy, Zorro, Sanji, Low, items using illustrations drawn by the cool outfit of Kid will appear.
Can badge set, mini cushion, T-shirt (free size) deals 3 items included!

Because it is limited in quantity, do not miss here!

Contents: can badge set, mini cushion, T-shirt (free size)
Release Date: Wednesday, January 1, 2020
Price: 3,500 yen + tax
Location: Tokyo Tower 1F Straw Hat Store Tokyo One Piece Tower Store
Because of the limited quantity, it ends as soon as it runs out.

The end of 2019 is Let's Dancing with Bon-chan!

In addition, Bon Klee decorates the last of 2019! Appeared at Tokyo One Piece Tower from Saturday, December 28 to Tuesday, December 31! A walk and islander dance are also performed in the park! ?
And wow! "Bon Klee Ver." of the original cap to be attached to the [One Piece Light Band] on sale at Tonga Restore is presented in limited quantities during the period of Bon Klee's appearance!
Let's have fun together!

Distribution period: Saturday, December 28 - Tuesday, December 31, 2019
Distribution location: Park 4F Mannaka Floor
Bon Klee time: 15:00

There is a limit to the number of original caps [Bon Klee Ver.].
Only caps will be distributed. (Light bands will not be distributed.) )
The start and end times of this event may change. Please be aware of this.

Tokyo One Piece Tower will continue to rise more and more in 2020.
At the beginning of the New Year's play, we went to Tokyo One Piece Tower after inviting your family and friends!
We are looking forward to seeing you!