Open the treasure chest of Tongari! Challenge the voice x mystery solving "TONE TREASURE"! Just a hint here?

Anime "One Piece" 20th Anniversary Project "Cruise History" Voice x Mystery Solving Event that started at the same time as the 3rd season start "TONE TREASURE (Tone Treasure) Road to Closed Treasures" is being held! Many people are taking on the challenge every day.

Find the password you need to open the treasure chest found on Tongari Island (Tokyo One Piece Tower) and open the treasure chest! That's what I'm talk But it's not easy. To find a password, you have to overcome the many trials of the "keeper" who guards the treasure chest! We will explore Tongari Island according to the instructions of "Treasure Keeper" using the voice terminal.
This is the mystery solving of a new sense! (Of course, multilingual support is also perfect!) )

In this Tongari column, we will send you the charm of "TONE TREASURE" along with the challenge report!

The time limit is 60 minutes! I tried to open the treasure chest or actually!
Here's just a tip!

Start from the Tongari Tourist Information Center on the 4th floor! Purchase a ticket (including 500 yen tax) at a ticket vending machine at the tourist information center, give it to the receptionist crew, receive an adventure memo that can be written with a voice terminal, and listen to the explanation.

Let's go on an adventure to look for a "password to open the treasure chest" in the time limit 60 minutes!
Open this treasure chest in the Tongari Tourist Information Center and aim for the treasure get of Tongari Island.

The main point of "TONE TREASURE" is, after all, where it has become a mystery-solving of a new sense of "voice x mystery-solving"!
Listen carefully to the sound you hear, and start by relying on hints to find a mystery.

When you find a panel with a mystery written on the island of Tongari, you will solve the mystery.
The mysterious panel doesn't have any instructions or tips, so listen carefully to hear the audio and analyze what's written from a multi-direction.
You'll find answers from unexpected commonalities and inspirations.

The mystery is more authentic and difficult than I imagined, and there are scenes where I listen to the voice again several times during the challenge.
If you think, "Oh! I think, but there is also a scratching problem, it is only a mystery that there is a challenge to solve.

It is also recommended to sit in a chair and cool down and face it slowly.
The answer is a selection, so this is it! When you enter the number written next to the answer you thought to the voice terminal, "Treasure Keeper" will tell you part of the password. Fill out the adventure notes with the password you heard and follow the instructions below to explore Tongari Island again. "Was there such a place!" Please look around the island while looking at the guide map when it becomes.

A "password" comes up when I repeat this several times!
And, let's return to the tourist information center of the starting point when all the mystery is solved safely!
(I couldn't solve it within the time limit!) Please go to the tourist information center.)

Let's enjoy the answer combination of pounding!
You can derive a wonderful password, and when the key of the treasure chest is opened, 100% achieved!

In addition, "TONE TREASURE" is not the only one! In fact, there is also a secret mission of "find the owner of the treasure chest" of this treasure chest. If you know this, you'll achieve 120%!
Depending on the achievement rate, the treasure you will receive will change.

Get the original scene card (5 kinds) at random in the splendid treasure chest OPEN!
In addition! Game achievement rate exceeded 120%! Get Slim Clear File (4 species / Random)!

Original items unique to the 20th anniversary of anime, I want to get both!

However, the mystery is more difficult than I imagined, and everyone who has already experienced it seems to be quite difficult to achieve 120% within the time limit!

This time, the important point to achieve the 120% that I actually experienced
I'd like to tell you to the Tongari Column readers!

"Listen ingress instructions carefully" and "look at problems well"
Hints may also be hidden in the voice instructions. There is also a mystery that flashes when you look closely at the problem. It is inevitable in "TONE TREASURE" to listen well and to see well.
In addition, the memo column is the answer of the mystery solved and "Is it important?" It may be useful later if you make a note of what you think.

This is Tongari Island (Tokyo One Piece Tower). It is essential to achieve to look around and look for!
"TONE TREASURE" is not so detailed, not to mention one-piece fans, but ... It has become a content that you can enjoy even those who say.
Since landing on Tongari Island, we've already seen anything that is an important key to TONE TREASURE. Please take a good look around and try to solve the mystery!

And we couldn't achieve it within the time limit! "Revenge Match" is also available for those who say. Don't give up! Why don't you enjoy solving the mystery with the aim of achieving 120%? When you challenge the "Revenge Match", you can get a hint of how to solve it, so please do your best using this one too!
The sense of accomplishment when you achieve 120% is exceptional!

In addition, for families with children under elementary school age (dwarf ticket) or elementary school age, children's hint cards are also available according to your wishes! Children's hint cards contain information to help you solve the mystery and can be used from the start of the first game. Because it is made to be able to enjoy even the family, please try to use it when you are in trouble!

Tokyo One Piece Tower is very indoor and you can enjoy it even during the cold winter.
Try "TONE TREASURE" with your friends and family!

We are looking forward to your challenge!

Voice x Nazotoki "TONE TREASURE- Road to Closed Treasures"

Period: Now on!
Venue: Park 3F - 5F
Participation fee: 500 yen (including tax)
Participating KitS Sales Location: Park 4F Tongari Tourist Information Center

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