One PIECE Study Group "TOPT Type Knowledge King Academy - Take Top And Go Over Teppen" ParticipantS Recruitment

On October 6th, prior to the holding of the "1st National ONE PIECE Knowledge King Decisive Match", a nationwide unified test that measures the knowledge and love of "ONE PIECE", we have decided to hold a study session at "Tokyo One Piece Tower".

Towards the "ONE PIECE Knowledge King Final", "I want to study more "It's hard to study if you're alone. Those who, of course, will receive the "ONE PIECE Knowledge King Decisive Battle", and those who are still worried and want to try their skills on this occasion Those who say ♬ are also welcome

Cafe Mugiwara is surrounded by a lot of materials, so you can prepare trends and countermeasures while discussing problems with each other, and prepare for the test production with your friends who love ONE PIECE. In addition! It is the contents that you can enjoy the exchange with a snack and a drink.

In this tongari column, we will introduce the contents and charm of "TOPT type Knowledge King Academy" in more detail.

What is the TOPT Knowledge King Academy?

On October 6th, we will hold a study session on "ONE PIECE" for the "ONE PIECE Knowledge King Decisive Battle", a national unified test that measures the knowledge and love of ONE PIECE.
In "Cafe Mugiwara", surrounded by a lot of materials, you can learn as a place where you can prepare trends and countermeasures while bringing out problems with everyone, you can also enjoy the exchange between the fans gathered on the day, It has become a special event.

What is the appeal of this Knowledge King Academy?
While immersing yourself in the world view of ONE PIECE, you can learn and interact with
20:30 Start to participate even after work
(3) Cafe Mugiwara snacks and drinks are also available. In addition, it is with the sesame card only of the participant!

"Cafe Mugiwara" is a space where music of "ONE PIECE" flows not only the interior but also the background music, so it is sure that you can raise the mood for the "ONE PIECE Knowledge King Decisive Battle" approaching the remaining 10 days. Is.

When you join the Knowledge King Academy, everyone will be asked to go over the teppen. O'Mhimori Card" present!

Write along with the friends you met at the Academy on the back side, and raise your morale with each other!

What is the participation fee that interests you?
"Knowledge King Academy" is 2,000 yen per person with a gift card. (※Please note that cash payment is only available on the day of the event)

What is the curriculum for the day?

Since "ONE PIECE" fans gathered with great pains, this time we set the timetable curriculum firmly, we were particular about the content that can serious knowledge king measures.

【【】Problem creation time】
I chose episodes that I think "I'm not good at" and "I want to study more", and i learned by my friends who gathered together.
In order to acquire knowledge by dividing into episodes that you want to strengthen for each table, we prepare the appropriate materials for each episode (such as comics and vivid character bibble cards) to match the first appearance.
We will also make problems that imagine this test while doing self-study.

There are three episodes, so you can choose which episodes you want to study beforehand!
1.East Blue - Sea in the first half of the Grand Line
Episode 1 :1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1/322-episode-34-volume-puffing-tom
【Main Episodes】
East Sea Hen
- Great route rush hen - Alabasta hen
Kumishima Hen - Long Ring Ron Grand Hen

2. The first half of the ground line, the sea, the sea, the sea, the
Episode 323 Volume 34, "Water City" Water Seven - 597 Episodes 61 Volumes
【Main Episodes】
Water Seven Hen - Enies Lobby Ed.
Thriller Burke Hen - Meugashima Ed.
- Impel down hen - top war hen

598 episodes (61 volumes) 2 years later (942 episodes ( 93 volumes ) [Shiramai Daimyo ]
【Main Episodes】
Chabondi Islands (2 years) - Punk Hazard
Dress Rosa hen - elephant hen
Hall Cake Island Hen - Wano Kuni hen

【1 question and answer time】
In the second half, we divided into groups and discussed the problems we created during the study time.
By exposing problems to each other, we may be able to see trends and countermeasures for the test production. Let's fill in the hole of knowledge fast!

【[3] Four-choice problem time】
At the end, it is a sort and a four-choice quiz time to train the "instantaneous power" which becomes a point by knowledge king. The staff of Tokyo One Piece Tower will answer the question.
We'll also review the problems that came out while we answer ed.
I put my ability firmly here and reaffirmed the learning of the day. It seems to be useful for reviewing the wrong problem!

How do I join? Can I participate on the day?

This knowledge king academy is pre-ordered.
As soon as it becomes full, the reception will be closed, so please apply as soon as possible!

You can also participate in the day only if there are seats available.
Not only do you participate alone, but you are also welcome to join with your friends and family!
Why don't you work hard together for the ONE PIECE Knowledge King Decisive Battle?

We are waiting for you at Knowledge King Academy!

◆Date and venue
September 26 (Thu) 20:30-21:45
Cafe Mugiwara (Tokyo Tower Foottown 1F, 4-2-8 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo)

Reception hours: 20:10-20:25
Reception: 1F Cafe Mugiwara Entrance
*Cancellation will be cancelled after the reception hours (20:10-20:25). Please be careful.

◆Participation fee
2,000 yen (tax included) [with one drink, snack, novelty]
*Payment is only in cash on the day.
*Children over 4 years old need to apply.
*Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

*Reception on the day: 8:00 p.m.-8:25 p.m. *Tickets will be distributed at the reception desk. Please note that this is a first-come, first-served basis.
*One person will be charged per time.
*Since we cannot change the contents after application, please be careful when filling out the reservation form.
*Please call us at 03-5777-5308 (Tokyo One Piece Tower: 11:00-17:00 *Except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) for cancellations after application.
*Please be sure to check the Privacy Policy before applying.