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RESTAURANTSIntroduction of Attractions on TONGARI Island

360 Log Theater
-The World of ONE PIECE-
You will be welcomed at the gates of TONGARI Island with this first attraction. In this room with a « gigantic 360° omnidirectional screen » you will witness the most memorable scenes of the « Straw Hat Crew »'s legend ! Let's sail to the World of ONE PIECE, to « TONGARI Island » !
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In this attraction you will recall the countless memories of Luffy who vowed to be the king of pirates. Relive the most iconic scenes of Luffy's journey with his friends and their battles as if you were there with them!
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In the Master Swordman Zoro's Kenjutsu Dojo, you will defy battleships! Katana in hands you will have to slash cannonballs coming at you and face a terrible foe! Be ready to learn and experience Zoro's legendary sword techniques!
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This casino is owned by the navigator Nami who has only eyes for money! Bet with the island's currency in a racecourse, roulette and quizz game to be the best in this three rounds match! Do you have what it takes to beat Nami and win the precious VIP Card?
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A shooting range created by the sniper Usopp. Use Usopp's emblematic weapon, a slingshot, to defeat one by one the Marines! You will get a special gift if you are skilled enough to shoot through the flag of the World Government!
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With Chopper himself as your guide, you will explore the Straw Hat Crew's ship: « The Thousand Sunny » ! You can visit everything from the dining room and the kitchen to Nami and Robin's bathroom! What kind of surprise awaits you inside?!
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In this attraction you will try to solve the ancient scripts mystery of Tongari Island scatter all around the Park with the archaeologist Robin. By communicating with Robin with the Transponder Snail, find all the mysterious marks hidden in the Park! But be quick, you will just have 30 minutes to decipher all the ancient scripts and reach the hidden Poneglyph!
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In this place made by the shipwright Franky, you can spend some quality time with the whole family! You can play with a pinball machine in the shape of Franky Shogun, drink Franky's favorite Cola at the bar and there is also an area where small children can rest and play safely!
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This horror house is produced by the musician Brook. In this attraction, as Brook is too frightened to do it himself, you will have to exorcise the zombies with a « salt ball »! There is no escape until you put the salt ball in the zombie's mouth...
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TONGARI Island photo spot
There are a lot to explore in Tongari Island! Admire the Thousand Sunny floating on the harbor, and attend to the Straw Hat Crew's banquet!
Well, let's discover Tongari Island and take some unforgettable pictures at the several photo spots!
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