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RESTAURANTSIntroduction of Attractions on TONGARI Island

360 Log Theater
-The World of ONE PIECE-
Awaiting at the entrance of TONGARI Island is the “Gigantic 360°omnidirectional screen.” It projects an adventures log of “Straw Hat Crew” till today. Let’s sail to the world of ONE PIECE, “TONGARI Island”!
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It’s a walkthrough attraction that treads countless adventures of Straw Hat Luffy who has a goal to become the king of pirates. It begins with that iconic scene and continues to the bond among his fellows and battles, and you can feel as if you are actually at the scenes of adventures along with Luffy!
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Challenge the naval cannon attack simulator at the Swordsmanship Dojo the great swordsman, Zoro established! It’s an interactive attraction where you slash the canons fired from a warship with the given sword. Defeat powerful men on the way, and experience the special skill handed down directly from Zoro!!!
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A casino house owned by Nami, the navigator, who has no eye for money. Bet with island’s currency “Berry”, and engage in a three-point match! A Race, roulette, a quiz game… Can you defeat Nami and win a VIP card?
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A firing range created by a sharpshooter, Usopp. Maneuver Usopp’s weapon “a slingshot” and defeat appearing Marines one after another!! You will receive a special gift if you beautifully shoot through the flag of World Government!!
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A walk-through attraction where you can explore Straw Hat Crew's ship, “Thousand Sunny,” following Chopper’s guide. From the dining and kitchen to Nami and Robin’s room, and even bathrooms are open to public! There may be surprising effects here and there! When you are on board, touch and look around as much as you can!!
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A walk-through attraction on the island (the whole park) where you solve the mystery of ancient scripts of Tongari Isalnd with the archeologist, Robin. As you communicate with Robin with Transponder Snail, discover the ancient scripts scattered around Island! The time limit is 30 minutes. Can you decipher the myriad ancient scripts and finally reach the hidden Ponegliff?
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This attraction made by the shipwright, Franky, is the place where you can spend time with the whole family! There are a pinball machine created in the image of Franky Shogun, a Coca-Cola bar where you can drink Coca-Cola Franky loves, and area for kids where small children can safely play!
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A horror house produced by the musician, Brook. It’s a walk-through attraction where you will go on to get rid of zombies with “a salt ball” in place of frightened Brook. You cannot escape until you put the salt ball in the mouth of a zombie…
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TONGARI Island photo spot
There are countless attractions on TONGARI Island! There are a lot exciting scenes and gimmicks on the island such as Thousand Sunny floating on the harbor and “Straw Hat Crew” opening a feast!!
Let's go around the photo spots while exploring Tongari Island!!
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