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In the Master Swordman Zoro's Kenjutsu Dojo, you will defy battleships! Katana in hands you will have to slash cannonballs coming at you and face a terrible foe! Be ready to learn and experience Zoro's legendary sword techniques!

The entrance of “ZORO'S SOUL OF EDGE.” You can receive a training from Zoro.

There are swords of Zoro and others exhibited inside. There are other characters' swords as well, so take a picture for a good memory.

Let’s slash the cannons flying from warships with good timing. How many can you bring down?

Swordsman certified start! (11/1-)

At last, defeat the enemy with the special move, “Phoenix of the 36 Earthly Desires!”
For those who scored high score will receive a certificate with Zoro's signature and their name will be engraved at the entrance of this attraction!

After playing in the attraction, your courageous image of rendering special moves will be photographed!!
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