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TONGARI Island photo spot
There are countless attractions on TONGARI Island! There are a lot exciting scenes and gimmicks on the island such as Thousand Sunny floating on the harbor and “Straw Hat Pirates” opening a feast!!
Well, let's discover Tongari Island and take some unforgettable pictures at the several photo spots!

Luffy and Chopper welcome you at the entrance of the Park. Before entering, take a picture here for a good memory!

The ship of “Straw Hat Crew”, Thousand Sunny is at anchor. They landed the Island from here!

Take a thrilling memorial picture at the scaffold in Rogue Town. The hand of Buggy is after you!

Rest on the hand of Bartholomew Kuma. Be careful not to be blown away!

Let's take a picture with Trafalgar Law. There is Bepo, too!

At the portraits of D, those with a name of D have gathered. How many do you know?

If you sit down on the chairs of three Marine Admirals, you might feel as if you are one of them!!