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360 Log Theater-The World of ONE PIECE-

360 Log Theater-The World of ONE PIECE-
You will be welcomed at the gates of TONGARI Island with this first attraction. In this room with a « gigantic 360° omnidirectional screen » you will witness the most memorable scenes of the « Straw Hat Crew »'s legend ! Let's sail to the World of ONE PIECE, to « TONGARI Island » !

Ho ho ho! Welcome to “TONGARI Island.” I am the elder of this island, TONGARI Transponder Snail.
This is the island created by those who love the “Straw Hat Crew.” I am a big fan of them myself.

I have watched over them from the top of this tower for a long time.

So, dear guests.
Come and look at the adventure log of Straw Hat Crew that I have witnessed!