>Latest News> "Usopp aim sniper King (sogekinngu) hayauchi championship held in! # 1 signed by that person's soge-King colored paper that gives me!


Usopp's aim for the sniper King (sogekinngu) hayauchi in Feburary! # 1 signed by that person's soge-King colored paper that gives me!

2018.06.11 Attractions Announcements

6-1-(Friday)-29 (Friday) flat, 19:00, Usopp's aim for the sniper King (sogekinngu), held hayauchi Championship!

Rules are quite simple! Just shoot as quick as you can!! To the top three guests who completed the attraction by defeating Marines and shooting down the flag of World Government,

a mini signature mount of "SOGEKING" will be awarded!!

What! is the # 1 "Usopp officer Yamaguchi kappei's" of autographs!

Further, certain days who rushed into the cheer Usopp!

6/29 (Friday) place, so trying to challenge!

Soge-King signs 2

Date & time: 6/1/2018 (Friday)-29 (Friday) on weekdays

Opening hours: 6/5 (Tuesday) / 12, (Tuesday) 22, (Friday) 25, (Monday)-29 (Friday)-19:00-end attraction admission

Other weekday → 19:00-19:30 / 20:30-21:00


Usopp now available on: 6/1 (Friday) / 12, (Tuesday) 22, (Friday) / 25, (Monday)

Usopp advent calendar time: 21:00 ~

* The schedule may change depending on the number of participants.

* You can try as many times as you want during the period.

However, you cannot play consecutively. We ask you to line up at the end of the line after the play.

* The mini signature mount will be shipped to the top three contestants after the contest has ended.
We will ask the top three contestants of each play of their e-mail address.
* The personal information will only be used for shipping. It will not be used for other purposes without a consent

or provided to the third-parties.

* The "Sogeking Mask" given at the completion of the attraction will be awarded as usual regardless

of ranks or time.

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