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2018 June 13 " PHANTOM Talk & Live!"

2018.05.30 Announcements

To participate in "PHANTOM Talk & Live! "you must purchase Talk & Live! Combo Ticket.

Please check below and proceed to a purchase page.

[Notes on participation]

* On the day of the event, please enter the park after exchanging the ticket with a passport and a live ticket at the ticket counter on the 3rd floor.

* A ticket stub of "Seven Ticket" is required to enter the talk show. Please do not lose it.

* We will begin calling the number written on the ticket in front of the live show venue on the 5th floor 15 minutes before the talk show begins.

If you do not appear at the calling, the number will be invalid. Please note beforehand.

* Children under the age of three may participate free of charge if they sit on the lap of the guardian. One child per one guardian.

* We do not accept a refund.

* Commercial resale is prohibited.

- The talk show hosts are the same for the 1st and the 2nd show. The hosts may change without prior notice.

Please note beforehand.

-The talk show will be approximately 60 minutes. The staff will guide you to the designated area according to the number inside the talk show venue. Hip bar seats or standing room is available.

-Audio recording, video recording, and photo shooting are prohibited during the talk show.

-After the talk show, we ask you to line up for the live show. The staff will guide you in order, so please follow the guide and move. The live show venue is non-reserved seats. After lining up, you will be guided into the live show venue.

* For details on "ONE PIECE LIVE ATTRACTION" PHANTOM' performances,click here

[Refund for 6/13/2018 LIVE & on the PARK PASS]

For customers who have already purchased LIVE & PARK PASS for 6/13/2018 and will purchase Talk & Live! Combo Ticket,

we will refund LIVE & PARK PASS at the park on the day of the event.

Please bring LIVE & PARK PASS exchange ticket and Talk & Live! Combo TIcket exchange ticket for June 13 and

come to the ticket counter.

We accept refund only for the event date of June 13. We will not accept before the event or

6after the event.

Click here to purchase tickets

* Jump to Seven Ticket purchase page.

Sales start... 6/1/2018 (Friday) 10:00 a.m.-

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