>Latest News【Important】Change in reservation system at SANJI’S ORESAMA RESTAURANT


【Important】Change in reservation system at SANJI’S ORESAMA RESTAURANT

2018.05.09 Announcements Shops & restaurants

Thank you for visiting SANJI'S ORESAMA RESTAURANT.

In order to improve our reservation environment, we’ve made some changes in booking system.
Here are some important notices.

We appreciate your understanding.

System change date: September 5, 2018 (Wednesday) 13:00-

Click here for the new reservation system


Those of you who have already made reservation through online for SANJI’S ORESAMA RESTAURANT,
your reservation will remain after the system change.
If you wish to make change in time, number, or to make a cancellation, please call directly to the store after May 9, 2018.
Store telephone number: 03-5473-1500

As the reservation system changes, the events which require online reservation such as greeting events at the restaurant and the family pizza class,
we will accept advanced payment by a credit card only.
We will not accept any payment by cash at the store.

Available Credit card companies :
Visa, Mastercard, JCB, AMEX, Diners

In addition, Japanese domestic credit card are accepted
acceptable credit card arehere. .

* Debit cards and Prepaid cards are not accepted

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