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<10 pairs a day> Introducing Sanji's Special Winter Course Menu (with a souvenir)!

2018.01.11 Announcements Shops & restaurants

Special Winter courses

* This is only part of the course. The image is for illustration purposes only.

SANJI'S ORESAMA RESTAURANT is now serving a special winter course menu!
Believe it or not, it comes with two specially designed cork coasters with an illustration of Sanji.

Cork material drawn illustrations of Assange's special design coaster set w/two keys

1This course menu is offered to only 10 groups a day and requires a reservation in advance.

<Reservation required>Sanji's Special Christmas Course Menu with a souvenir

<Course Lineup>

car one: welcome drink
Sea Train will set sail from SANJI'S ORESAMA RESTAURANT
[Sparkling wine or fruit Macedonia cocktail (non-alcoholic)]

car two: salad
Nami please try out my melting love♡
Fruit salad with the camembert cheese

car three: appetizers
We're comrades!!! We're going to accomplish what we're all here for!!
three appetizers limited only for the winter course

car four: soup
Even if my captain ordered me to...I won't hold back!!!
Sea urchin soup

car five: main ①
Three Point Decoupage ~with Epluchaged grilled onion~
Beef tenderloin and grilled vegetable with red wine truffle sauce

car five: main ②
Two-sword style Castle Gate ~with clams from Aqua Laguna~
lobster and clams with champagne white sauce

car six: dessert
Real men can forgive the lies women tell
Winter special dessert plate

car seven: after dinner drinks
Thank you very much for taking our train today
coffee or tea

Special Winter course dish dessert

♦ date: January 16(Tues), 17(Wed), 18(Thurs), 19 (Fri), 22(Mon), 23(Tues), 24(Wed), 25(Thurs), 26(Fri), 29(Mon), 30(Tues).
2018February 1(Thurs), 2(Fri), 5(Mon), 6(Tues), 7(Wed), 8(Thurs), 9(Fri)
■Time: after 3:00 p.m. (8:00 p.m. last order/10:00 p.m. close) *For 120 minutes
■Offering number: only 10 groups a day (2 to 4 people/group)
■Price: 7,000 yen (tax included) * With a souvenir

<How to make a reservation>
Booking start: Jan 12, 2018 (Friday) 11:00-
Reservation process: only by phone
Reservation hours: 11:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m.

*Reservation accepted by three days in advance
Please book on 12 Jan for reservations for 15 Jan
* 10 pairs a day only. Reservations can be made with a group of 2-4 persons.
* Please select a main dish when making a reservation. Due to food preparation, we cannot change the main dish after making a reservation.

* Please note that you may not choose seats.
*In case of cancellation, please call by 7:00 p.m. the day before. We will charge 100 % cancellation fee for cancellation after that time.
* This course is limited in quantity.
* The images of menu and coaster above may change.
This course will be served after 3:00 pm at SANJI'S ORESAMA RESTAURANT
*Visitors under the age of 12 years old cannot choose this course menu. For visitors under the age of 12 years old, please choose from the restaurant’s a la carte menu on that day.

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