>Latest News> We are holding a sweets buffet at SANJI'S ORESAMA RESTAURANT-An Invitation to a Tea Party-!


We are holding a sweets buffet at SANJI'S ORESAMA RESTAURANT-An Invitation to a Tea Party-!

2018.02.27 Announcements Shops & restaurants


Arriving at Whole Cake Island! Surrounded by vivid and colorful sweets made by Sanji,
enjoy the sweet and happy moment!

Sanji will come and see you at the tea party!
Please enjoy beautiful and delicious sweets and a great time with Sanji!

■ "Sanji's Oresama Sweets Buffet" -An Invitation to a Tea Party-
Date: 3/9/2018 (Friday)
Time: door open 15: 10-/ begin 15: 30- (70 minutes) -16:40 closes (scheduled)
Reception/advance payment: 3/9/2018 (Friday) 13: 00-14:40
Place of advance-payment: SANJI'S ORESAMA RESTAURANT
* For customers to enter the restaurant smoothly, we ask you to pay in advance at the desk in cash.
* Reservation will be canceled in the case of late registration.

Tokyo Tower Foot Town 1F, Shiba Park 4-2-8, Minato-ku, Tokyo


Adults (over 13 years old) 7 to 12 years old 4 to 6 years old 3 years old and younger
2,800 yen 2,000 yen 1,500 yen Free

* All tax included.
* Offered in buffet-style.
* You have 70 minutes after the party begins.

<How to make a reservation>
Online reservation in advance is required. Please reserve from the website below.
» Click here for reservations
The application will close when all seats have been reserved.

* Reservation is made when you received a completion e-mail.
* It may take time for registration completion e-mail to arrive.

Booking start date: 2/23/2018 (Friday) 14:00-

<Please read beforehand>

-We accept 1 reservation (1 party) per one group. We do not accept multiple reservations.

-We may ask you to share a table. Also, reservation of specific seats is not allowed.

-Each seat may have some moments when you may not be able to see the show.

-You cannot exchange or change the seats.

-We cannot answer inquiries about the stage performances.

-Please refrain from taking photos with devices placed aside from your table or chair.

* We cannot compensate for the damage caused by actions noted above.

-We take advance payment system, only in cash. We do not take credit cards or IC cards.

-We ask you to pay in advance to avoid a jam before the opening. (Please check the advance payment regarding the time)

-We may refuse entry after the opening hour.

We will not announce your reservation details, if you need to check out, please ask to the restaurant on the phone 2 days after reservation is made.
* You may not change reservation details after the reservation has been made. Please double check your reservation form.

-We do not accept changes in guest number or cancellation after making a reservation. Please pay for all the people reserved on the day.

-You may not book in the future if you do not show up on the booked date.

-You may not book the event if you have canceled other restaurant events on the booked day in the past.
-Maximum of three people can be in one group for the reservation of this greeting event.
(Due to the reservation system, we cannot answer any inquiries regarding the seat availability for each number of people.)

- Children under three must sit on the lap of their guardians.
(Please do not bring in a stroller. We do not have a cloakroom service)
(Baby chairs or assisting chairs are not available )

- Please do not delete the completion e-mail until you have finished payment on the event day.

[For visitors with domain name specification]
You cannot receive e-mails including the confirmation e-mail from our company if you have settings in the domain.
Please cancel the domain setups or add our domain “@resebook.jp” and “@onepiecetower.tokyo” to receiving list. If you use mobile phones, our e-mails may not reach you unless you cancel domain blocking.

Sanji I like restaurant dessert buffet restaurant Sanji I like restaurant dessert buffet restaurant

* The photos are for illustration purposes only.

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